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Recap / Tiny Toon Adventures S 3 E 15 The Horror Of Slumber Party Mountain

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The 15th episode of the third season of Tiny Toon Adventures, the 96th episode produced, and the 93rd episode overall.

The episode begins with Elmyra painting Furrball red as Buster directs her scene. After Furrball runs away, Buster tells Elmyra she's on. Elmyra hugs Buster, who tells her to read the cue cards. Elmyra does so, welcoming the viewers to Elmyra's Scary, Really Scary Monster Movie, and introducing herself as "Elmyra, Mistress Who's a Dork". She then introduces tonight's horror movie, The Horror of Slumber Party Mountain. As Elmyra assures Buster that she'll hold him tight if he gets scared, Buster turns on the projector, beginning the movie.

After the title card is shown, loud footsteps can be heard stomping through the forest on a dark and scary night. A mysterious shadow scares a woodchuck and a deer as it approaches them, and the shadow and the footsteps are revealed to belong to Babs Bunny, who tells the viewers that she can't help having big feet.

Babs comes to a cabin in the woods, where Fifi is unloading a paper bag. Babs sneaks up behind her and scares her, then laughs. Fifi gets back at Babs by telling her there is a spider behind her, scaring her. Just then, a hooded figure comes in, carrying an axe. A frightened Fifi tries to warn Babs, but Babs thinks Fifi is playing another joke on her. She then looks behind her as the hooded figure approaches her and Fifi, scaring them both. The hooded figure reveals herself as Shirley, who tells Babs to be more careful when borrowing tools, as she left the axe in the forest. Babs thanks Shirley, and as she puts the axe away, she tells her and Fifi that they came to the cabin to have a nice, peaceful weekend, and not to gross each other out. She then decides that she, Shirley, and Fifi should swear on a plate of s'mores not to pull any more practical jokes. They all do, and Babs smacks the s'mores, getting marshmallow gunk all over Fifi and Shirley. She then tells the viewers, "I just can't help myself!"

Later the night, Shirley uses a "Wegee" board to reveal who the girls' secret boyfriends are. Fifi is not happy when she finds out that her secret boyfriend is Fowlmouth, as she refuses to date crude poultry. Babs then reminds Fifi that at least she didn't get stuck with Dizzy Devil, as she refuses to date a slob who sees her as one of the four basic food groups. Shirley tells Babs that the Wegee spirits don't lie. Babs then tells Shirley to reveal who her secret boyfriend is, and Shirley does so. Babs and Fifi watch as the Wegee spirits reveal that Plucky is her secret boyfriend. Shirley is not amused, especially when the picture of Plucky kisses her, and kicks the Wegee board away. Babs then teases Shirley by reminding her that the Wegee spirits don't lie. Shirley gets back at her by tossing a pillow at her, starting a pillow fight between them and Fifi. This pillow fight goes on until all the pillows lose their feathers. Just then, a mysterious figure turns out the lights, and Babs reminds Shirley and Fifi that they promised not to scare each other anymore. Shirley and Fifi tell Babs that they didn't turn out the lights, and the mysterious figure roars at the girls. Babs then lights an oil lamp, thinking the mysterious figure is gone, only to be proven wrong when the mysterious figure roars again. The girls make a run for the back door, only to find what looks like One-Eyed Jack blocking their path. The girls run away in fear, and One-Eyed Jack tosses what looks like slime at them and walks away. Babs then sniffs the slime and finds out that it's really shaving cream. She suspects that Buster, Plucky, and Hamton were behind this prank, and she is right when she sees their footprints outside. The girls are mad at the boys for scaring them, and Babs vows that with Warners as her witness, she will not let Buster wreck another slumber party.

In the second act, Furrball is playing with a film reel as Elmyra welcomes the viewers back. She then calls for the lights to dim and turns the projector back on, continuing the movie, but wrapping a film strip around Furrball and trapping him in the projector.

In the forest, Buster, Plucky, and Hamton are roasting marshmallows as Buster congratulates Plucky and Hamton for wrecking the girls' slumber party. Hamton finds what he, Buster, and Plucky did very mean, but does admit that Fifi did look funny with a frizzed tail. Buster, Plucky, and Hamton all laugh, until Buster points out that the marshmallows are now ready to eat. Hamton eats his, and Plucky eats his three, as wells as Buster's. As revenge, Buster then tells Plucky and Hamton that they need to get more firewood, as it'll be a long night, and they don't want him coming around. A nervous Plucky asks Buster who he's talking about, and Buster asks Plucky and Hamton if they've never heard the legend of One-Eyed Jack. Despite Plucky and Hamton having teamed up with Buster to dress up with him and scare the girls, Plucky asks Buster who One-Eyed Jack is, and Buster begins his story.

Many years ago, an outcast was born into the world, a jackrabbit much larger than his brethren. For years, Jack lived on his own, ostracized by the other woodland creatures. Then, one night, a demented taxidermist was speeding along the road and ran over Jack. When the Taxidermist found out, he took Jack to his studio, intending to add his body to his collection. The Taxidermist worked long into the night, bent on creating the ultimate conversation piece. He gave Jack a pair of antlers, and while nobody knew for sure what it was, something in the Taxidermist's kiss re-ignited what little life Jack had left. Jack sat up, tossed the Taxidermist aside, and roamed around, with the Taxidermist begging him to come back.

Buster concludes the story by saying that One-Eyed Jack destroyed the studio and roamed the forest, where some say he lives to this very day. Buster's story scares Plucky and Hamton out of their wits, and Buster laughs, telling them they're easy to scare. Hamton asks Buster if he made the story up, and Buster tells him and Plucky that the story of One-Eyed Jack is the world's oldest camp story, and that every kid knows its not true. Just then, Buster hears a roar and sees a pair of antlers and a light shining out of a bush. This scares him, Plucky, and Hamton, who suddenly believe that One-Eyed Jack is real after all. Babs then reveals that she, Shirley, and Fifi disguised themselves as One-Eyed Jack using fake antlers and a flashlight to get back at the boys for scaring them. Fifi then gets Babs' attention, and nervously tries to warn Babs about One-Eyed Jack in French. Babs doesn't understand, and Shirley tells Babs that Fifi is trying to warn her about One-Eyed Jack. Babs tells Shirley she always thought she slept through French class, and Shirley tells her that she does, but the real One-Eyed Jack is standing right behind them. The girls then see the real One-Eyed Jack roaring them at them, and they run away in fear. This scene also scares Elmyra, who leaps off the couch and accidentally breaks the projector. She then tells the viewers that there will be a slight pause due to technical difficulties.

In the third act, the projector is fixed, and Furrball is wrapped up in a film reel. Elmyra tells the viewers that the third and final act of the movie is about to begin. Furrball tries to run away, but Elmyra grabs the film stripped he is wrapped in and plays with it like a yo-yo as she turns the projector on.

Babs, Fifi, and Shirley run back to the cabin, relieved that they're away from One-Eyed Jack. Babs tells Shirley and Fifi to block the door, and they do so, pushing various furniture in front of it. Unbeknownst to them, the last thing they block the door with is One-Eyed Jack, who has been waiting for them. One-Eyed Jack scares the girls, but Fifi decides to fight back. She attempts to spray One-Eyed Jack, who holds his breath and blows Fifi's stench right back at her, knocking her out. One-Eyed Jack then captures Fifi, and Babs and Shirley run away. Babs decides that she and Shirley need a place to hide, and Shirley asks Babs if they should hide in the old, dark, spooky mansion right next to them. Babs decides to do so, and she and Shirley walk inside. The mansion is so dark, that Shirley can't see anything, so Babs turns on the light, revealing a bear in front of them. Shirley asks Babs why the bear isn't attacking, and Babs walks up to a wolf. She finds out that all of the animals are stuffed. This scene gets the attention of Elmyra, who loves stuffed animals. She turns her attention to Furrball, who tries to run away again, but she catches him and stuffs him with popcorn.

Babs finds out that the mansion is where the Taxidermist from the story of One-Eyed Jack used to live. Shirley then walks up to what looks like Plucky and criticizes how ugly it looks. As it turns out, it is the real Plucky, who breaks from his pose to tell Shrley to knock it off. Shirley is shocked, as is Babs when she finds out that Plucky has been hiding out in the Taxidermist's mansion. Buster then reveals that he, too, has been hiding out in the mansion. He scares Babs, who jumps into a stuffed hippo head, which Hamton is hiding in. Hamton tells Babs to find her own hiding place, and Babs falls and lands in the hump of a stuffed camel. Babs asks the boys why they're hiding out in the Taxidermist's mansion. Buster then tells Babs that he, Plucky, and Hamton were attacked by a monster in the woods. Plucky tells her that the monster was twelve feet tall and had one glowing eye, and Hamton tells her about the gore dripping from his fangs and horns. Babs tells the boys that the monster that scared them was her, Shirley, and Fifi playing a prank on them. Shirley tells the boys that she, Babs, and Fifi wanted to get back at them for wrecking their slumber party. The boys act like they were playing along, and as Plucky tries to leave, with Hamton in tow, Babs tells them that there really is a monster outside, but Plucky doesn't believe her. He then opens the door, revealing One-Eyed Jack to be behind it. One-Eyed Jack scares Babs, Plucky, and Hamton, and captures Plucky. Babs and Hamton close the door and run back to Buster and Shirley.

Buster tells Babs, Shirley, and Hamton that from now on, they should all stick together, and not to make a move unless the others are with them. The four back up to each other and walk around in a counter-clockwise circle as they navigate the mansion. They briefly stop when Shirley becomes thirsty for a glass of water, then head into the kitchen. Shirley tries to take a drink of water from the sink, but One-Eyed Jack is revealed to be there, and he pulls her in. Buster, Babs, and Hamton then try to walk out of the kitchen, but Hamton is hungry. He, Buster, and Babs head over to the refrigerator, where One-Eyed Jack is revealed to be. He pulls Hamton in, and Hamton screams. Buster hears Hamton scream and is shocked to find Hamton and Shirley are gone. Babs then scolds Buster for losing them, and then they suddenly hear One-Eyed Jack roaring. Thinking the sound is coming from downstairs, they decide to head upstairs. Buster runs upstairs first, and Babs tries to catch up to him, but the bottom of the stairs open, trapping her inside. Buster is now on his own, and One-Eyed Jack has caught up to him. One-Eyed Jack roars at Buster, scaring him and making him run for his life. Buster runs out of the Taxidermist's mansion, swings on a vine, rides a handcar, then tries to row away in a canoe, but One-Eyed Jack is revealed to have been waiting for him in it, and captures him.

Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, and Fifi are all trapped in a dungeon, where One-Eyed Jack takes Buster. Babs is happy to see Buster, and Buster is happy to see her and the rest of his friends as well, as he thought they were dead. Plucky wishes they were, as he doesn't know what One-Eyed Jack has planned for them. One-Eyed Jack then unzips himself, revealing himself to be a cleverly disguised Elmyra. She tells the viewers that it's cuddle time, and asks them if they love movies with surprise endings.

Upon finding out that One-Eyed Jack is really Elmyra, Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, and Fifi all break through their cells and run out of the studio in fear. A very fat Furrball rolls after them as the episode ends.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: Even though Hamton found his, Buster, and Plucky's prank against the girls mean, he admits that he found Fifi with her tail all frizzed up rather funny.
  • All of the Other Reindeer: According to Buster's story, Jack started out as an outcast, due to being substantially larger than the other rabbits.
  • Balloon Belly: After seeing the scene where Babs finds out that the animals in the Taxidermist's mansion are stuffed, Elmyra says that she loves stuffed animals and stuffs Furrball by force-feeding him popcorn. By the end of the episode, Furrball is so fat, that he rolls after Buster, Babs, Plucky, Hamton, Shirley, and Fifi when they run away from Elmyra.
  • Butt-Monkey: Poor Furrball takes a lot of abuse this time around. He's painted red by Elmyra, caught up in the film projector, gets crushed by Elmyra during a screaming fit, turned into a yo-yo while wrapped in film, and stuffed with popcorn against his will.
  • Cast as a Mask: Frank Welker plays One-Eyed Jack in this episode, who in the end, is revealed to be a cleverly disguised Elmyra.
  • Childish Pillow Fight: Babs, Shirley, and Fifi have one during their slumber party.
  • Credits Gag: Elmyra's Wardrobe By - Miss Take.
  • Dwindling Party: In the last act the gang is captured by One-Eyed Jack one by one.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Per the ghost story, One-Eyed Jack started out as just a rather large and ostracized jackrabbit before he got run over by a ventriloquist and revived in a monstrous form.
  • Furniture Blockade: In the third act, Babs, Shirley and Fifi return to the cabin after evading One-Eyed Jack and push various furniture in front of the door to block it. Unbeknownst to them, the last thing they block the door with is One-Eyed Jack, who has been waiting for them.
  • Full-Body Disguise / Latex Perfection: Elmyra's One-Eyed Jack costume strongly resembles the real One-Eyed Jack. After revealing herself, she lampshaded it...
    Elmyra: Don't you just love a movie with a surprise ending?
  • Halloween Episode
  • Handcar Pursuit: Buster rides a handcar in an attempt to evade One-Eyed Jack.
  • Hoist by Their Own Petard: Fifi tries to take One-Eyed Jack down with her stink. He instead holds his breath and blows the stink cloud back her way, incapacitating her and making her the first to get grabbed.
  • Horror Host: Elmyra, Mistress Who's a Dork, spoofing Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
  • Impact Silhouette: After One-Eyed Jack captures Fifi, Babs and Shirley run through the wall, leaving holes shaped like their bodies in it.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The group upon seeing their captor is really Elmyra in disguise.
  • Mighty Roar:
    • One-Eyed Jack does this towards the girls, sending them running all the way back to the cabin.
    • Once Buster is the only one left, this is how he realizes One-Eyed Jack is standing behind him.
  • Never Say "Die": Averted. When Buster gets captured by One-Eyed Jack, he finds his friends in a dungeon, and tells them, "I thought you guys were dead!".
  • Never Split the Party: After Plucky gets grabbed, the rest of the ground tries for this by sticking back-to-back-to-back-to-back. Shirley and then Hamton get picked off because no one was looking their way.
  • Nobody Here but Us Statues: Plucky poses as a statue in the taxidermist's mansion to hide from One-Eyed Jack. His ruse is exposed when Shirley criticizes how ugly the statue looks.
  • Ouija Board: Shirley uses one (named Wegee here) to find out who her, Babs, and Fifi's secret boyfriends are. Shirley's is Plucky, Babs' is Dizzy Devil, and Fifi's is Fowlmouth. None of the girls are pleased with the results.
  • Screw This, I'm Outta Here: After being imprisoned by One-Eyed Jack, and the plot twist is that he was Elmyra all along, the characters break free of their bonds and run off the set, crashing through a wall in the process.
  • Shout-Out: Buster attempts to escape by rowing out into the middle of a lake on a canoe only for the monster to suddenly pop up from underneath the water and drag him under, not unlike the ending of Friday the 13th (1980).
  • Slumber Party: Babs, Shirley, and Fifi hold one in the cabin in the woods, which Buster, Plucky, and Hamton try to wreck.
  • Smelly Skunk: When Fifi decides to fight back against One-Eyed Jack, she tries to spray him with her odor. One-Eyed Jack holds his breath and blows it back at her, knocking her out and allowing him to capture her.
  • Tempting Fate: Once out on the lake, Buster remarks he's the one one who has made it. Cue One-Eyed Jack's clawed hand bursting through the boat and grabbing him.
  • This Is Gonna Suck:
    • Out in the woods, Fifi starts mumbling "One-Eyed Jack" over and over again. As Babs wonders what Fifi's yammering on about, an equally terrified Shirley points her towards the answer.
    • Furrball when Elmyra comments she just loves stuffed animals.
  • Totem Pole Trench: Buster, Plucky, and Hamton first scare the girls by disguising themselves as One-Eyed Jack, with Buster on top, Hamton in the middle, and Plucky on the bottom. Babs, Shirley, and Fifi later get back at them by disguising themselves as One-Eyed Jack, with Babs on top, Fifi in the middle, and Shirley on the bottom.
  • Weaponized Stench: When Fifi tries to fight back against One-Eyed Jack, she sprays him, but he holds his breath and blows it right back at her, knocking her out.