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There's a bad guy coming after you. You just locked the door between them and you. Sometimes, you just don't have wooden boards, nails, and a hammer handy, so what's a victim to do? Well, use the furniture, of course.

A lot of the stuff in a living room is heavy, so it stands that they can effectively keep the door from moving when pinned against the door.


One of the most common variants of this trope is to jam a chair underneath a door handle to keep it from turning. This is also useful when you're trying to prevent someone from leaving a room.


Read Absurdly Ineffective Barricade. Alternative to Berserk Board Barricade.



  • Dungeon Keeper Ami: In Surprise Guest, a mysterious person approaching a bar is causing fear, and the Absurdly Ineffective Barricade is bypassed, by going through a wall:
    "Help me barricade the door, you worthless fools!" the troll who had burst in earlier shouted, struggling to drag a wall cupboard towards the door.
    Stirred into action by fear, the Underworld denizens started piling up furniture in front of the entrance, cursing and shouting as they got into each other's way.''

Film - Animation

  • Lady and the Tramp: When Lady was a puppy, Jim Dear sets her up in the basement, but she keeps sneaking out. Jim Dear puts a chair in front of the door, but Lady manages to push the door open enough to squeeze through.
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  • Monsters, Inc.: When Sulley is trying to save Boo from Mr. Waternoose, he runs onto the factory's training room and bends a metal pipe to lock the doors, keeping him at bay long enough to fetch Boo's door and return her to the human world.

Film - Live-Action

  • Happens twice in The Blues Brothers after the title characters are chased into a building by the police.
    • When the Blues Brothers first enter the building, they push some vending machines, two trash cans and benches in front of the door.
    • After they reach the Cook County Assessor's office on the 11th floor, they put chairs, ashtray cans and a bench against the door from the stairwell.
  • Shows up in Signs but only in a deleted scene. The Graham family barricades their house by boarding up the windows and doors, and only realize they forgot the attic as the aliens are breaking in. In the finished movie, the family immediate lock themselves in the basement at this point; in the deleted scene, Merrill blocks the attic door with a large bookcase to buy everyone else more time to get downstairs.
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  • You Might Be the Killer opens with Sam hiding from the killer in a cabin. He secures it by moving furniture in front of the door.
  • In Anthropoid, three of the Czech assassins of Reinhard Heydrich hiding out in a Prague cathedral barricade the stairway up to the prayer loft they're holed up in with chairs, lecterns, benches and any other bits of furniture on hand to stop the Nazis reaching them. It holds the Nazis off for a time, but eventually the barricade is overwhelmed.
  • Ice Spiders: The guests who make it inside the ski lodge stack up all of the furniture they can to block the spiders from getting in. This actually manages to keep the spiders out without being too much stuff to move whenever other survivors show up needing to be let in. That being said, they did forget to block the chimney.
  • In Relative Fear, Linda barricades herself in the attic with Adam, pushing furniture over the trap door and propping a chair under the doorknob of the main door. It only lasts a few seconds before Gary kicks the door down.

Live-Action TV

  • Doctor Who: In "World War Three", Mickey barricades a door by jamming the handle with a chair to buy him and Jackie time to grab some vinegar-rich foods to kill the Slitheen chasing them.
  • Considered Plausible by Mythbusters Jr.. A wooden floor doesn't provide much friction, carpet is actually detrimental, but with the right stuff, and the right room size, one can conceivably pull this off.

Video Games

  • In INSIDE, the player barely escapes from a pack of rabid dogs by slipping through a hole in a building wall and knocking over a large filing cabinet to block them from getting in.


  • Kiwi Blitz: Tigris and Cho have infiltrated Alter's base and caused a ruckus, and are in a computer room, and block the door with furniture, after 42 suggests making a barricade, in Page 589.

Western Animation

  • In The Loud House episode "One Flu Over the Loud House", several of Lincoln's sisters Which ones? , his parents, and their cat, dog, hamster, and canary all have the flu. Lincoln barricades the kitchen door with a table to keep them coming in and spreading germs, but Leni thinks he's making them a meal.
  • Used several times by Scooby and Shaggy in attempts to escape the Monster of the Week, often to no effect.
  • In the short, "Let's Do Lunch" from the Tiny Toon Adventures episode, "How Sweetie It Is", Furrball is trying to escape from Sweetie, who wants him to eat her so that he will get kicked out of Elmyra's house, as all Furrball wants to do is relax by the fire and eat tuna. At one point, Furrball hides in a room and places all the furniture over the door so Sweetie can't get in. When Sweetie is revealed to have been hiding in a drawer, Furrball puts all the furniture back where it was so he can leave the room.
  • In the Ed, Edd n Eddy episode "Home Cooked Eds", the Eds use furniture to prevent the Kankers (who are on holiday) from entering Eddy's house. Unfortunately the Kankers already somehow got in and watch them barricade the door.
  • Rugrats: In "Party Animals", the babies are being chased by what appears to be a giant baby (actually their Cousin Bucky dressed as a baby for a costume party). After they manage to trap him in the bathroom, they run into their room and barricade the door with some toys.
  • The Simpsons: In "Treehouse of Horror XI", during the segment Scary Tales Can Come True, Bart and Lisa wander into the Three Bears' house. After making it out without getting seen, Bart puts a chair in front of the door... which, unfortunately, traps Goldilocks in and gets her mauled by the bears.
  • TaleSpin: In "The Balooest of the Bluebloods", Baloo inherits a mansion when it is revealed that he is the long-lost 13th Baron of Von Bruinwald. When Hans and Helga, his butler and maid, try to kill him so that they can inherit the mansion, he hides in his bedroom and places various furniture over the door. Hans and Helga manage to make their way in with a crowbar.


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