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Recap / The Simpsons S25E3 "Four Regrettings and a Funeral"

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The town come out for the funeral of one Chip Davis, a beloved man who everyone seemed to know. When Rev. Lovejoy brings up the subject of regrets in one's life. A few of Springfielden start mulling theirs over. Marge, after being chastised by Patty and Selma, thinks Bart is the way he is because of listening to KISS albums during her pregnancy. Homer regrets to selling his Apple stock for a bowling ball. Kent Brockman regrets not joining a fellow co-worker to moving to cable news, instead staying in Springfield to run the local broadcast. And Mr. Burns regrets not marrying a woman he loved due to his greedy nature. The episode follows separate stores which intersect at the end.


  • Bart tries a dangerous stunt on lifting himself into the sky on a laundry basket via balloons. Only to find he can't get down.
  • Kent decides to go into cable news but ultimately can't bring himself to report with them, finding he actually likes controlling the news on his station rather than having to act on what a network tells him to.
  • Mr. Burns tracks down his lost love and it seems they'll reconcile. But as he prepares to have sex with her, he finds that she died waiting for him. Smithers suggest honoring her by helping the less fortunate like she wanted.

Eventually Kent spots Bart while coming back into town and does a news report. The whole town comes out to try to aid Bart in getting down. Marge once more frets over her decision during her pregnancy but Chief Wiggum assures her that wasn't the case as his wife listened to Mozart and Beethoven while pregnant with Ralph and he turned out...special. Frink comes up with a way to launch a cannonball into the basket to lower it down, but the town melted all of them down to make a statue. In comes Homer with the bowling ball which is used to lower Bart enough to rescue him. As the town celebrates, the episode closes on Kent telling his former co-worker he has no regrets.


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