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Recap / The Simpsons S 15 E 19 Simple Simpson

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Homer becomes a pie-wielding local superhero.

Tropes used in this episode:

  • Bait-and-Switch: The Rich Texan appears to be sorry for bullying Lisa by telling her to dry her tears... with a "Last Place" ribbon.
  • Blatant Lies: Homer disguised as Pie Man tries to convince Lisa he isn't his father but he killed him. It doesn't work.
  • The Bully: The Rich Texan becomes one "Boys of Bummer"-style towards Lisa, and even gives her a "Last Place" ribbon, all out of a sadist glee to watch a little girl cry.
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  • Cassandra Truth: Nobody believed in Homer when he confessed to being Pie-Man. Except Marge, who bluntly states it was obviously him and that "you'd have to be an idiot not to see it from the start."
  • Elaborate Underground Base: Parodied. Pie-Man's "base" is just the Simpsons' basement adorned with make-shift "superhero" gadgets and Christmas lights.
  • Halfway Plot Switch: This happens during the first act as per standard for The Simpsons episodes of the era, twice. It seemingly starts with a Charlie and the Chocolate Parody plot where Homer is destined to find a Golden Ticket in a package of Farmer Billy's Bacon to win a visit to the factory said bacon is made. But he ends up getting a Silver ticket that gets him to be a judge in a placement competition at the Springfield County Fair. As if that weren't enough, when the Rich Texan humiliates Lisa in said contest, Homer decides to hide his face with a pie pan and throw a Pie in the Face at the Rich Texan, finally getting the main plot underway.
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  • Humiliation Conga: Not only did Pie-Man give Comic Book Guy a well-deserved pie to the face, but it also made him a laughingstock and blew his chance of having tea (and possibly scoring a date) with Nichelle Nichols.
  • Hypocritical Humour: When Mr. Burns warned Homer of the probability of community service, Homer fearfully complained that he didn't want to help people, even though that's pretty much what he's been doing as Pie-Man.
  • Kill on Sight: The Springfield Police isn't half-assing it with their Police Brutality. The moment Homer as Pie-Man pops up to try to pie the Mayor for bulldozing an orphanage, Wiggum orders his officers to open fire and hunt Homer down with this exact order.
  • Kick the Dog:
  • The Lopsided Arm of the Law: As Pie-Man's exploits increase, the Springfield Police Department feels undermined (even if it's somewhat nonsensical, because as Lou points out Pie-Man is targeting Jerkasses, not crime), and so goes after the vigilante with spotlights, chopper support, multiple men in full SWAT gear, snipers... and a "shoot on sight" order.
  • Noodle Incident: Homer did assault someone before and is warned by Chief Wiggum that he'll go to jail if he tries it again.
  • Papa Wolf: Homer (as Pie-Man) makes the Rich Texan pay for humiliating Lisa by throwing a pie in his face.
  • Pie in the Face: Pie-Man's method of handling evil-doers.
  • Pungeon Master: Homer, but eventually he runs out of pie-related puns.
  • Religion Is Magic: The Dalai Lama demonstrates the ability to fly.
  • The Reveal: Parodied at the start when the family is watching "Promiscuous Idiots Island", a reality Show Within a Show on Fox. The host makes the big reveal to the two female contestants that entered to date a billionaire on a private island... that the island is really a peninsula part of the main land. The ladies still get upset over it, in typical Reality Show fashion.
  • Shout-Out: Marge and Homer as Pie-Man share a kiss while he's upside down.
  • Shrouded in Myth: When Homer exposes himself as Pie-Man, all of the other Springfieldians go on to argue that they had directly seen or heard about Pie-Man, saying wildly diverging descriptions (and none of which fit Homer). Lisa simply says that Pie-Man has ascended to become a "symbol", and Homer exposing himself can't kill that.
  • Superhero Episode: Spoofing multiple superhero tropes, a memetic scene from Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and placing Burns as a Lex Luthor stand-in on the third act.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: A Running Gag of the episode is Homer blurting out that he's Pie-Man, only to deny it immediately afterwards.
  • Would Hurt a Child: The Rich Texan has no problems driving a little girl to tears out of sadism.


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