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Episode 01 - L'inconnue (The stranger)

Théo finds a young elf woman in the woods while the group was resting at a campfire. She is unconscious and seems to suffer. Examining the woman, Shin finds her sword. It's a rather rudimentary weapon but he notices some runes he knows on it indicating she is a druid. She also has several wounds on her body which look like bites. Wondering if he should establish a mental connection with the passed out elf, B.O.B. remembers that he is part-demon and that this connection would require him to let loose his demonic side ; thus he decides that it is too dangerous and does not do it. Suddenly, a big spider appears and bites Théo.

Episode 02 - L'araignée dans l'ombre (The spider in the shadow)

Grunlek grabs the spider with his mechanical arm and violently slam it on the ground multiple times. Despite not having a clear shot on the spider, Shin shoots an arrow through Balthazar's large clothing without touching him. The arrow hits the spider who loses a leg and is now stuck on the ground.
Théo uses the healing powers he have thanks to his faith in the Light to heal the flesh wound on his shoulder where the spider bit him. Unfortunately, its poison is still going through his veins. B.O.B. slightly misses the spider, but bends the fire to his will and slightly modify the trajectory of the spell which finally ends up on the spider. It screams, twitches and eventually dies.
  • FAIL — B.O.B. (96/90): While examining the venomous spider's bite on Théo's body he got distracted by Grunlek cooking the spider, touched something he shouldn't have, and Théo passed out.
    Théo: You suck. Don't ever touch me agaaaaiin… (faints)

Episode 03 - Le danger approche (Danger is coming)

Grunlek decides to cook the spider, under the disgusted look of his friends. The woman wakes up and tells them that she leads a wolf pack with a dwarf friend called Drin and that they were attacked by spiders, and ask the group to go save them, and to warn the Old Tower against the danger. Because they lack time and the woman's life seems doomed, Théo asks her if she would prefer suffer and let the nature take her or if he should end her misery himself in the name of the Light. The woman, terrified, dies on the spot.


Episode 04 - Un nouveau compagnon (A new companion)

They find the last surviving wolf of the pack, wounded and on its guard. Shin, who has a better understanding of the wildlife, tries to calm it… only to get bitten by the wolf. Théo is forced to step on the wolf's tail to make it release Shin's hand. Grunlek tries next, and surprisingly succeeds ; the wolf calms itself and starts to cuddle Grunlek's mechanical arm. They continue their journey now along with the wolf, and eventually hear the sound of a fight nearby.
  • FAIL — Shin (100/60): He tries to calm the druidess's wolf companion by doing the Crocodile Dundee taming gesture and almost gets his hand bitten off.
    Fred: This team comes straight from Le Donjon de Naheulbeuk.
  • HIT — Grunlek (02/55): He was able to tame the wolf who barely survived a clutter of giant spiders who killed her masters and all her family. It is even funnier when you know that Shin (who is supposedly Friend to All Living Things) did a Critical Failure minutes before and was bitten.
    Krayn: That's how you roll a dice! It became my best friend!


Episode 05 - L'araignée géante (The giant spider)

They find Drin fighting with a much larger spider than the one they fought earlier, surrounded by the corpses of several wolves. B.O.B. decides to focus his energy on a big fire spell cast. Meanwhile, Shin shoots an ice arrow in one of the spider's eyes and Théo dashes on his horse. The spider suddenly stings Drin and seems to inject him with something, the agonizing dwarf starting to bloat. Théo connects the dots between the now doomed dwarf and several acid pools they noticed earlier and decide to stab him with his spear and cast a lightning bolt. The bolt goes through his spear, the dwarf (who liquefies in a pool of gore and acid) and then shocks the spider. As B.O.B. is about to launch his long prepared spell, he notices several spiders ambushing them.

Episode 06 - L'embuscade (The ambush)

The spiders charge the group from all sides. B.O.B. kills a large number of them with the fireball he prepared, and Théo finishes off the huge spider. Shin shoots in mid-air a spider which was jumping on B.O.B. ; Balthazar tries to return the favor but completely misses a fireball intended to a spider jumping on Shin. Meanwhile, Grunlek tries to uses his mechanical arm on a spider, but suddenly loses the control of it: it opens in half like a mouth and crushes the spider, seemingly absorbing him. B.O.B. eventually kills the spider on Shin with a well placed fireball.

Episode 07 - Pas de répit (No rest)

The group has won the fight, but Grunlek is still busy with his out of control arm. comes to him and appeases him, and his arm eventually returns to normal ; the wolf is also reassured to see its new friend being okay. Grunlek notices a book on Drin's remains, detailing his research on the spiders: they appear to have a hive mind and to be controlled by someone. The attack made Shin paranoid and somewhat arachnophobic, and he freaks out about a simple shadow in the distance. Théo is still poisoned and must be cured or he should not live more than a couple of hours. Using the venom sacs of the spiders, Grunlek and B.O.B. manage to synthesize a temporary antidote which should buy him some more days.

Episode 08 - A qui sait attendre, le temps ouvre ses portes (To those who wait, the time open its doors)

In the book, Grunlek learns that the wolf is a female named Eden who was the alpha of the pack. They heads to the Old Tower but eventually come across an heavily guarded gate. The head of the guard, Elyren, is drunk and refuses to let them enter until they have the agreement from Intendant Bragg who runs this place which could take days, while taunting them. B.O.B. tries to scare him by telepathically showing him the danger they encounters, but Elyren is so scared and drunk he faints. Meanwhile, Eden discovers a hole in the wall covered with vegetation.
  • HIT — B.O.B. (03/75): While trying to convince Elyren, Balthazar was able to infiltrate his mind and gave him flashes of the horror they witnessed, scaring the guard to life. Unfortunately and for various reasons, that didn't allowed them to enter and they had to find another way.
    Bob: Give up you mind! I CAN SEE YOU!!

Episode 09 - Si vous ne trouvez plus rien, cherchez autre chose (If you can't find anything, look for something else)

The group goes toward the hole, still taunted by Elyren, and Théo swears he will never forget his face and his name. They unblock the way and enter the tunnel, leading them to an underwater river. While following a narrow path, Théo and B.O.B. fall and land on the river bank some feet below. Théo feels an uncanny presence in the stream, lights the river with his sword and catch sight of water elementals. Théo warn his companions and Grunlek crafts a rope to help them climb back. At this instant, a giant water arm appears in the river.

Episode 10 - Une menace éthérée (An ethereal menace)

A giant water elemental slowly emerges from the water. As Théo stands his position, B.O.B. takes to one's heels and climbs back almost without the help of the rope. Shin opens a mental connection with the creature, being part water elemental himself, and the elemental begins to speak through him: he explains that a long time ago, gods and demons spread in the mortal world, and started to develop feelings new to them, but also began to plot some dark schemes. The elemental are leaving this lands and the balance of the world will depend on the choices of this four adventurers. While they process this information, the elemental disappears in the stream. The group, still confused by this encounter, finally arrives at the end of the tunnel.

Episode 11 - Aranea

Episode 12 - À travers champs (Across fields)

Episode 13 - Abri de fortune (Makeshift shelter)

Episode 14 - L'interrogatoire (The interrogation)

Episode 15 - Gestion de crise (Crisis management)

Episode 16 - Rixe ! (Brawl!)

Episode 17 - Course-poursuite ! (Chase!)

  • FAIL — Eden (98/60): The party is chasing the Rapier Man, who throws a power gem against a rock, sending it flying towards Shin and Eden. Shin manages to evade the rock, but (because Seb asked if she also had to dodge) Eden fails and is seriously wounded. Fortunately (and surprisingly), Théo stops to heal her and prevents her from dying.
    Shin: Have I mentioned that I don't like that mutt?

Episode 18 - Assaut (Assault)

  • FAIL — Théo (96/65): He had a somewhat risky rescue plan to save a young girl taken hostage by the Rapier Man: violently bash him with his shield. As you can read above, it didn't turn out well.
    Fred: We're not sure she died!

Episode 19 - L'hécatombe (The hecatomb)

Things had been smoother for our adventurers, as Théo is still distracted by the possibly not dead girl their enemy's gems are falling from the sky which Balthazar heroically try to burn so they explode in the air. This resulted in him receiving a gem at his feet and needing Shin's intervention to prevent his death. Grunlek recomposed himself and charges at the Rapier Man, who suddenly changed from a defensive stance, delivering a ribs-shattering punch to their aggressor. A good trade that ended with the Rapier Man having the best exchange as he knocked the dwarf and used Théo's altruistic/guilt-denial nature against him as he knocked the paladin out cold while the latter was too busy attending the little girl who was somewhat breathing.
Outside, Shin only sees the Rapier Man who seems more diplomatic now that his targets were on the verge of death and suggested that the half-elemental surrender. Shin's reply is an ice shiv to the heart that unfortunately did not pierced the swordsman's armor. The opponent then proceeded to slowly strangle Shin until his consciousness abandoned him. What does the sadistic villain had planned for them? Why suddenly using the pommel instead of the blade? What fate awaits the group?
  • FAIL — B.O.B. (99/65): Balthazar often misses his spell but it is rarely critical, except of course this one time when the Rapier Man threw explosive magic gems on him and he tried to explode them in the air with a massive fire spell… only to miss them all.
    Bob: At the the very least, did I make some pretty light effects?

Episode 20 - Comme des rats (Like rats)

  • FAIL — Shin (100/60): Shin is hanging upside down in a well, his arms chained to the walls. He threatens a guard above him and tries to weaken the ties on his wrists with his ice powers.
    Shin: Listen, my man: in 30 seconds, I will free myself and stab you in the jugular.
    The Guard: Here is my counterproposal: in 25 seconds, I let you loose and you fall in that bottomless pit.
    (30 seconds later, Shin is only hanging by his wrists)
    The Guard: I'm not dead yet.

Episode 21 - Tentatives d'évasion (Escape attempt)

  • FAIL — Grunlek (96/80): Grunlek fumbles are often associated with him losing the control of his mechanical arm. This time, it broke the neck of the guard keeping him prisoner and would have strangled Grunlek himself next if he hadn't made a "simple" failure by only one point.
    Bob: Oh God, he's going "AKIRA".
  • FAIL — Shin (100/70): Shin tries again to free himself from the well, only to roll another 100.
    Krayn: When he tried to freeze the chains, he froze himself. Now there's a block of ice dangling inside the well.

Episode 22 - À l'aveugle (Blind)

Episode 23 - Le maître des lieux (The siteholder)

Episode 24 - Au cœur du charnier (In the heart of the charnel)

Episode 25 - Ne pas faire de veux os (Not to last long)

Episode 26 - Les retrouvailles (Reunions)

Episode 27 - On the road again

Episode 28 - La porte de l'étoile (The star gate)

Episode 29 - Issue en toile de fond (Egress in the backdrop)

Episode 30 - Le dernier rempart (The last bastion)

  • FAIL — Théo (96/80): He tried to hold a narrow gate from a clutter of spiders and lost his precious shield during the attack.
    Fred: Give me back my shield, it was really expensive!

Episode 31 - Levée de boucliers (Rising shieldsnote )

  • HIT — Théo (02/60): Théo successfully dodged a sneak attack from the Rapier Man, even though he had no idea the man was even here.
    Fred: I dodged him before he even thought of hitting me with his rapier.
    Bob: Guys, Théo is a jedi!
  • FAIL — Rapier Man(100/?): The Rapier Man charges Théo, who can't parry due to his stance. His failure completely turns the table and leaves him opened to a combined opportunity attack from Théo and Grunlek.
  • HIT — Shin (04/65): Right before the final battle, another good roll made him snap out of a power intoxication, even restoring him 1 MP from the magic pit in the process.
    Seb: Coffee thermos! Instant soberness!

Episode 32 - Circonstances aggravantes (Aggravating circumstances)

  • FAIL — Shin (97/60): Shin is distracted by B.O.B.'s warning and dragged inside the well by the returned Rapier Man.
  • FAIL — Grunlek (100/60): At the worst possible time, his arm let loose of B.O.B. who was standing near a magic pit making him fall in it and gouged out his own left eye! When he rolled his 100, all the players (GM included) laughed uncontrollably for several minutes.
    Krayn: I'm sorry! It's not my fault, it was my arm!

Episode 33 - L'affrontement final, 1ère partie (The last confrontation, 1st part)

  • HIT — B.O.B. (01/80): He successfully released the demon inside himself to cast a spell on the boss in front of him, while Théo was on full Inquisitor mode beside him, due to the magic well, and ready to kill him.
    Bob: I rolled 1!! Now I obliterate him! I kill him! I show him that there is a living hell, even deeper that a regular hell! From which even phoenixes come from and go to die with him in the infinity flames!
  • HIT — Shin (02/65): He saw thanks to a perception crit that not only the room was about to collapse but also that Bragg was suspiciously sneaking behind Vlad by using his Dark magic.
    Shin: I am chosen by the Gods, I am a half-elemental, you will respect me! ...and respect the Light too I guess.

Episode 34 - L'affrontement final, Dernière partie (The last confrontation, last part)


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