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Pen: I'd say Rocky, because Golf Ball sounds like a boy, even though she's a girl, and that's just wrong!

Hobbes: If we get in National Geographic, maybe I'll get to meet some of those tigress babes they showed in the April issue! Yow wow!
Calvin: Those were females? Really, I don't know how you can even tell the difference.

Krillin: These aliens are scary, especially that one in the front. Looks like a total FAG.
Krillin: What? A Freaky Alien Genotype. What'd you think I meant?
Gohan: Oh, I thought you were calling him a derogatory term for a homosexual.
Krillin: THAT THING'S A GUY?!?!?

Po: (to the Soothsayer) Look, I don't know who you are, but please stand aside, sir.
Viper: (whispering) That's a lady.
Po: Oh! Sorry. The beard threw me. It's kind of misleading - false advertising.

"Cripes! I thought that was a girl!"
ShogunGin0, reacting to Thistle removing his hat and beginning to speak in The Elm-Chanted Forest.

...wait a minute...
* Beat*
* Beat*
...Stop it, boner.
Rainbow MotherFuckin' Dash ‎, [eponymous blog]

Meinos: Upon intrigue, the White Overlord tells Takatora that- {Record Needle Scratch}
Roshuo (via subtitles): It seems she (the she in question being Redyue) wants to apply human technology in an attempt to resurrect my Queen.
Meinos: She? The... Green Bishop... is a she?! With THAT voice?! I-ih-hoh... How was I supposed to... DAMN YOU GAIM! You're screwing up my Chess Motif! Who's heard of a female bishop?!
Meinos Kaen upon the revelation of Redyue's gender.

"Haha, yeah, apparently I'm not very good at making little girls look like little girls. I did another comic a few years ago, and after reading 50 pages of it a friend of mine asked me 'who is this she everyone is referring to? They keep saying she but I don't know who they're talking about, the main character is a boy, right?' So any mistake you make is entirely my fault... and if I ever make a young girl a lead character in anything else, I'm going to give her the longest hair and eyelashes ever"


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