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    Anime and Manga 

Jessie: (disguised as a Valley Girl) It'll be a radical party! All of the most radical Pokémon trainers will be there!
Ash Ketchum: Do you know anyone who says "radical" anymore?
Pokémon, "Battle Aboard the St. Anne"

    Comic Books 

Fred: What was wrong with last year's lingo?
Marie: It was last year's!
Archie Comics, "Lingo Lesson"


    Fan Fiction 

"See", Jonas said to O'Neill. "There's a passage over there which says Ra is a righteous dude and Anubis is bogus" he declared, pointing to the far wall.
"Now I know you're making this up.", O'Neill responded disbelievingly.

"Dude. My cult is not going to be happy about this. I, like, had to bring the new snake over tonight to, like, get ready for tonight's sacrifice."

    Film — Live-Action 

Clark: They’re old-fashioned. I’m new-fashioned! I’m still in demand! I’m STILL HOT!
Lewis: If this room were on fire, you wouldn’t be hot.

    Live-Action TV 

Me name be Ralph Nader
Me going to make an appeal
Homies, save the rainforest
A'ight? Keep it real
Ralph Nader, Da Ali G Show

"Rock stars, ball players, principals — heck, we excite people."
Mr. Belding, Saved by the Bell ("Screech's Woman")

"How do you do, fellow kids?"
Steve Buscemi, 30 Rock ("The Tuxedo Begins")

"Seriously, dad, who says 'dude' any more?"
Josh Stevenson, Waterloo Road

Leslie: You're a hip young woman with great taste.
April: And you're a jazzy cool cat with legs that just won't quit (snaps fingers)

    Stand-up Comedy 

I'm new wave, but I'm old school
And my inner child is outward bound
George Carlin, "Modern Man"


Doggy But, no matter what over-the-top scenario comes the week, Johnny and his stupid dog always manage to outsmart it. Why? Because they're Totally Cool Dudes! I am so sick of cartoons revolving around Totally Cool Dudes! They. Aren't. FUNNY!!!
Grinder!Doggy: Hey, man, we gotta go skateboardin'!
Turtle!Doggy: Not right now, man, I gotta finish this pizza!
Otto!Doggy: Let's use words like "wicked" and "radical" like they haven't been out of style for twenty years!

The best part of getting older is gonna be intentionally misusing slang around teenagers just to make them squirm.

It was a gnarly day for extreme-minded dropout Harry Stoner when a totally brutal wipeout left his skin fused with the street.

You are ripping up so many hellaceous shreds this fierceshitty biznasty is getting so deliriously rudebrazen it... Ok you lost the handle on that sentence.


    Web Animation 

"Sunset Overdrive uses the word 'awesome' like a legal document uses the word 'hereby'."

    Web Original 

The lamest thing I have ever seen in my life happened when I was 16. A group of cheerleaders did the hammer dance to the Walt Disney song "Hi-Ho." It was the lamest thing I have ever seen, and I think, when I die, it will remain so.

I’m pretty sure all the tough guys out there with “THUG LIFE” tattooed across their knuckles or shoulders or whatever would be horrified if they found out that Garfield had gotten the phrase inked onto his fuzzy orange belly. But Heathcliff? Heathcliff’s a tougher breed, and is also less ubiquitous and commercial. I’m going to choose to believe that, after the initial shock, there would be grudging respect for this cartoon within the thug life tattoo community.

In a pre-taped scolding of Triple H, Vince advised The Game without irony to "take a chill pill," a phrase he may have recently heard on Family Matters.

She was conceptualised by middle class men who gave her god-awful censored street slang to speak, and attempts to be contemporary, which fall flat because the show moves on in leaps and bounds so quickly. Lifestyles too: what seemed hip and 'wicked' in The '80s is now looked back upon with unflattering views... No actor could make this dialogue sound authentic; it's enough to challenge the Kings and Queens of the British acting hierarchy.

One of the categories on Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy! was called It’s A Rap and all the questions-phrased-as-answers were song lyrics that Alex Trebek was forced to – quote unquote – rap. And I say forced, because he sounded like he had a gun held to his head; there was about as much rhythmic flow as a prisoner of war during the filming of a hostage video... Wait a second…the category was called It’s A Rap? ‘It’s A Rap’ also happens to be the name of Robert Goulet’s rap album in the Will Ferrell SNL sketch of the same name (actually, the full title is The Coconut Bangers’ Ball: It’s A Rap). And Will Ferrell also used to play Alex Trebek in the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketches. FULL CIRCLE.
Michael K., “I’ll Take Straight Thuggin’ For $1000, Alex”

Our new jerseys look like we bought them from the XFL at their bankruptcy auction.

In Doritos' defense, the early aughts were a terrible time for all of us. I tried to figure out when specifically this had happened, and I came to the perhaps not all that surprising conclusion that Doritos appears to have attempted to expunge all evidence of the Cooler Ranchening from the internet. The only place I could even find a mention of it happening was on Doritos' Wikipedia page — they appear to have disavowed all knowledge of the time they committed an unspeakable crime against grammar in the name of edgy marketing. You can find images online, like the one I'm using here, but they're invariably grainy and outdated. They're basically the Zapruder Footage of corn chips.

This film was the result of an avalanche of unfortunate decisions. We'll never see anything like Cool As Ice again. It was based around such a rapidly fleeting concept of cool that by the time it hit theaters, it was less of a culture shock to walk in on a slave auction. After they finished this story of Vanilla Ice as himself the motorcycle crimefighter, there was enough unintentional comedy that they had to give irony a producer credit.

Ice-T is in this movie. Suddenly, I have more street cred than Ice T.

Chris: Martin sounds exactly like a middle-aged white dude trying to write an authentic inner-city black kid and basing it entirely on cartoons from the ’90s. He’s seriously one 'that’s wack!' away from just collapsing under the weight of it.
David: I had to stop the movie and cry in the bathroom as soon as he quoted the chorus of “C.R.E.A.M.”
—Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Steel

I don’t wanna watch the new Star Wars movie a year from now and see fucking Nyan Cat go zooming across the screen just because one Disney exec asked for a viral element.

The geeky themes of the film are very much at odds with the cooler “jock” humour. It never seems entirely clear whether Pixels is trying to laugh at or with certain segments of nerd culture, with the movie frequently treating Kevin James and Adam Sandler as cool kids who just happen to like eighties video games.

It's arguably the case that nothing is more horrific than the title screen of The Great Waldo Search, a memorable entry into the canon of 'the terrible things that happen when white people attempt to insert rap into things.' Bad chipset music with a bad synthesized voice shouting 'Where's Waldo' at frequent intervals. In that exact tone that evokes 'Oh God, white people hired a black guy to add a brief moment of rap to this in order to make it cool.' For other examples, try R.E.M.'s 'Radio Song' or, of course, Don't Copy That Floppy.
Dr. El Sandifer on The Great Waldo Search (NES)

There are only two emotions Zell seems to be capable of: OHHHHH YEEEEEAAAHHH and AWWWWWW MAAANNNNNN.

Johnny Storm: Like wow, brother-in-law! That's the gearest!
Adam: Ok, maybe "reet" is a word, and there is actually some historical basis to "Sportin' Life." Anyone want to try and explain, "That's the gearest"?

Mom: what viol8s code?
Reg: The fact that you just spelled “violates” as “viol8s” causes me physical pain.
Mom: i txt liek the cool kids

One bonus of being an adult is grossly misusing modern slang on purpose and watching my students cry inside]]. A fine example: the other day I pointed at a piece of artwork and while looking them right in the eyes, went 'Man, is that bae or what, huh?' The looks on their faces were something I will treasure for years...

    Web Video 

Laura: You know, this is one of the first movies I've seen where I actually feel kind of older. 'Cause I was like, "This is so obnoxious."
Brad: You wanted these kids off your lawn!
Laura: And I was like, "Scram!"
Midnight Screenings on The Craft: Legacy

"Upon going to summer school, which feels like The Breakfast Club made up of the worst vlogger stereotypes, they find out that they are superheroes and are inducted into the Secret Society of Second-Born Royals. Imagine Spy Kids if your first instinct was to drop them off at the steps of a convent."

"In speeds our hero, Cobra, driving what appears to be a submarine on wheels. It's hard for me to take this seriously when he has a vanity plate, 'AWESOM 50.' Imagine if Dirty Harry's car had a license plate that said 'TUBULAR.'"
Cecil Trachtenburg, Good Bad Flicks

"It's the radio edit of a Kid Rock cover of an Iggy Pop track; the feature-length adaptation of a blond mullet-sporting ten-year-old shouting 'WORLDSTAR!' from the Chuck 'E Cheese ball pit on Snapchat."

"This sort of thing is what happens when a bunch of white shut-ins try to be hip. And do so with fish."

"Has Taylor Swift been a 40-year-old pretending to be a teenager the whole time? Is she an undercover reporter preparing an exposé on youth culture?"
Todd in the Shadows on "Shake It Off"

"Dude, your slang is so totally bogus and outdated."
Noah "Spoony" Antwiler on Party Mania

"It's like one half of the game was written by fairly smart game writers who knew what they were doing, and the other half was written by out-of-touch 40-year-olds trying to appeal to the 19-years-olds on 4Chan."
George Weidman on Watch_Dogs

"I got an inkling your tootin' the wrong wringer man. I'm not certain deals is in your visage. Y'know what I'm sayin'? Of course you don't know what I'm saying, because slang in animation is STUPID!"

    Western Animation 

Bart: Cowabunga, dude!
Director: And, cut!
Bart: Dad, I've never said "cowabunga" in my life. Your script sucks!
The Simpsons rehearsal footage, "Behind the Laughter"

Kim: (reading) "Yo, listen up! Have a holla from Ron..."
Ron: I wanted it to sound like me.
Kim: Why don't you shoot for "sound like English"?
Kim Possible, "Rappin' Drakken"

    Real Life 

Never use old slang. Slang, to be enjoyable, must be fresh.
Ernest Hemingway, Kansas City (Mo.) Star Manual of Style

He'd give you the peace sign and the Black Power sign in one. And you'd go, "Excuse me, Sammy, but those are like very different cultures and symbols." But not in his mind. Because everybody was doing them, he figured, "Okay, if I can combine the two, then I can satisfy everybody."
—Writer Carl Gottlieb on Sammy Davis Jr.

Despite the many hours of literary labor, Nixon's style was seldom felicitous... 'to see it like it is, and to tell it like it is,' argot just slightly wrong for now but to Nixon 'tell it like it is' must sound positively raunchy, the sort of thing that had he been classy Jack Kennedy he might have heard at Vegas, sitting around with the Clan and their back-scratchers.
Gore Vidal, "The Twenty-Ninth Republican Convention"

A quiet episode begins with a thirty-year-old surf dude background extra, who skateboards awkwardly into the front of the classroom, and all the way down the short, narrow row of desks, before taking his seat at the back. As the plot unfolds, I suppose there's a metaphor to be had in its opening drawing your focus on a clumsily drawn character of committee-penned cool.
Stuart Millard on Saved by the Bell ("The Substitute"), So Excited, So Scared



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