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Basic Trope: In the future, most of the sexual norms and politics we have now will be done away with.

  • Straight: In the year 3000, sex before marriage is socially acceptable (encouraged even), 100% reliable birth control is available at any drugstore with no prescription or proof of marriage required, and children are taught about sex from a very young age. Same-sex relations are also socially acceptable. Pornography can be purchased at any bookstore, or checked out of any library (plus the Internet), there's no longer a need for a Watershed or Safe Harbor on network TV (or cable and satellite networks/streaming services, for that matter) and prostitution is legal, regulated, and accepted.
  • Exaggerated:
  • Downplayed:
    • In the year 3000, Polyamory is the norm, and monogamous marriage is rare to nonexistent. But sex still (mostly) takes place in relationships.
    • There is still a sexual Double Standard in place: men can do it with whomever they want, but women are still expected to do it only with a spouse or significant other.
    • There are multiple recognized genders/gender identities beyond just "male" and "female".
    • No form of sexuality is outright banned, but authorities don't really encourage it either. Decriminalized but not legalized. They just don't really care anymore. Likewise, citizens don't care too much about each other's love lives, and will neither condemn them for anything nor support them. It's mostly a "Good for you, now shut up" thing.
  • Justified:
    • Marriage is no longer seen as the only right or reasonable choice.
    • The institution of marriage no longer exists, or consists of what we call today "cohabitation". Nobody has weddings or anything like that anymore.
    • The definition of marriage has been broadened to include polygamous relationships.
    • Society has increased acceptance of LGBT+ people.
    • Sex is not the only means to make babies in this setting, and has pretty much been divorced from baby-making.
    • New types of contraception are available.
    • The world has either done away with religion (especially religions that might object to casual sex, homosexual sex, or nonprocreative sex), or most religions have relaxed their stances on sex/birth control/etc. Alternatively, the religion might be one with a relaxed or even encouraging attitude towards sex.
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    • Sex is no longer associated with shame or "dirtiness."
    • STD Immunity: Either science has wiped out all the pathogens that ever made sex risky, or such things never existed in this setting.
    • The population is in decline and the government/leading religion(s) encourage(s) sexual intercourse to boost the population.
  • Inverted:
  • Subverted:
  • Double Subverted:
  • Parodied: Daily orgies are held in which the whole community participates; porn has become so mainstream that it’s shown on network television, movies and libraries and reviewed by professional critics; and literally All Anime Is Naughty Tentacles.
  • Zig Zagged: The future eras keep switching between this and more conservative sexual norms.
  • Averted: Sexual norms in the year 3000 are more or less the same as now.
  • Enforced:
  • Lampshaded: "I can't imagine living in a world where we can't just have as much sex as we want with whomever we want. How did people manage to live like that hundreds of years ago?"
  • Invoked: Bob tries to have sex with Alice on the basis that "It's the fourth millenium, girl! Get with the times already!"
  • Exploited: A Fish out of Temporal Water uses the opportunity to get laid.
  • Defied: People in the year 3000 are reluctant to have sex outside of marriage, in public, for reasons unrelated to baby-making, with members of the same sex, etc.
  • Discussed: "So, like, what if there were no laws or taboos against sex?"
  • Conversed: "Dude, she's taken. Let her go, man. This isn't like one of those sci-fi novels where everyone sleeps with everyone else and no one cares."
  • Implied: Bob is a time traveler who's gone back into the distant past and shows no qualms about sizing up others or even outright asking if he can have sex with them. When called out on it, he simply asks, "What?"
  • Played for Drama: Bob feels lonely because he knows that even though he slept with Alice she's perfectly free to sleep with anyone else she likes and he can't stop her. He'd like to keep someone for himself, and be faithful to that person in return, but society would marginalize him for being "selfish" at best, and make him an outright outcast at worst. He feels all alone in this world not just because he knows anyone he sleeps or falls in love with can just as easily make love with anyone else at the drop of a hat, but because he can't even talk to anyone about his feelings - everyone else, as far as he knows, would see him as a freak.
  • Deconstructed:
    • Sir John de Rouen, a medieval knight brought to the year 3000 via time travel, is horrified by the changes to society and is socially isolated. He can not fall in love because his refusal to be in an open relationship makes him a pariah in the eyes of society, he can not join the clergy because he's one of the few religious people left, and even his desire to personally remain chaste is not respected. After fighting off one too many rape attempts, he flees into an isolated place and becomes a recluse. The story also makes it clear that while John is the only one who speaks out about it, there are people in the society who have the same problems he has.
    • Once humanity has reached a future of free love, it soon becomes clear that it has some horrifying implications, such as blurring the lines of rape, pedophilia, and incest. On top of that, the government uses people’s love of sex to control them, right down to making orgies mandatory. The question now remains, how free is too free? How much sex is too much sex? Might there be anyone you shouldn't have sex with after all?
  • Reconstructed: Sandra, wanting to sleep with John, lies about wanting a monogamous marriage with the intention of breaking it off after sleeping with him. However when Sandra finally does have sex with John it's the best she's ever had because love and passion were actually involved. Because of this, and because of the trust John's placed in her, Sandra has a monogamous marriage with him for real. Hearing about this, other outcasts try associating sex with love as well. Eventually being monogamous is no longer seen as terrible or abnormal.

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