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People of Mass Destruction in webcomics.

  • Black Mage in 8-Bit Theater. The Hadoken's effects were explicitly referred to as similar to a nuclear explosion when it was first used.
    Thief: The Thief's Almanac didn't say anything about atomic detonations either...
    • It is explained early on that Black Mage is actually a nexus of magical energy in human form, which may explain his vast power.
    • It probably helps that the Hadoken is literally fueled by The Power of Love as well. As in, it drains some love from the universe, enough to up the divorce rate slightly with each blast. Good thing it usually has a once-per-day limit.
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  • In Baskets of Guts any powerful battle mage is this, though the protagonist (being an old-school Black Mage) is the most notable example.
  • One of the main themes in Erfworld. Parson doesn't want to be one of these, but he's damn good at it. Incredible resourcefulness + magical compulsion to try and win battles = lots of dead enemies.
  • Keres in Fey Winds is a golem housing the magic and death-rattle of a dead world. She's a borderline omnicidal maniac, willing to kill anything in her way to get to the gate to her home dimension.
  • The FreakAngels are a bunch of powerful psychics. While individually they are capable of great destructive force (they can telekinetically tear a man apart), their powers increase greatly when working in concert. A few of them at a time can demolish buildings, cause explosions, and tear through small armies. All twelve of them can strike the Earth with enough force to cause catastrophic earthquakes, tidal waves and geomagnetic disturbances.
  • Given the things that the most powerful Sparks in Girl Genius are capable of creating with minimal resources, they probably qualify.
    • Agatha once converted a travelling circus into a mechanised army capable of destroying a whole regiment of Baron Wulfenbach's troops, and regularly builds death rays with little time and effort (one was capable of blowing a huge hole in a wall of Castle Heterodyne, one of its other turrets, and a distant mountain; she constructed it in her sleep).
    • Gilgamesh was able to create an array of electrical conductors which directed energy into a small rod he carries, which allowed him to destroy an army of battle clanks. At one point, he threatens to reduce Britain to molten slag and set the surrounding seas boiling for the next thousand years. And the person he's making that threat to considers it entirely credible.
    • It is implied that Klaus Wulfenbach started alone — he now rules most of Europa.
  • Jack Noir of Homestuck becomes one after taking the Black Queen's ring. Shows off his power by devastating two planets.
    • And after his fourth and final prototyping, he enters the Trolls' session and obliterates fourteen more planets. But first he kills the amassed army of robo-Aradias.
      • As of Cascade, he has killed a universe.
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    • The God Tiers are mentioned to provide much more power than would actually be needed to win the session (which can be shortened to "You vs. The World, literally"); ANY God Tier is capable of unholy amounts of destruction.
    • Jade Harley in the newer updates. She has all the powers of a First Guardian and a God Tier Witch of Space. She can shrink entire planets down to the size of tennis balls, and punches a hole through the Fourth Wall with a ship that she's levitating herself. A ship that she's moving to 'almost the speed of light'.
    • John drilled a hole into the centre of a planet using his wind powers, so he could be pretty damn destructive if he wanted to. He also has one awesome hammer.
      • Then there was the point in which he teleported an entire planet and generated enough wind to knock over the Homestuck game cartridge.
    • While we're on the subject of God Tiers, Vriska Serket, to the point where according to Doc Scratch, she actually had a decent chance against Jack.
    • Not actually demonstrated as yet, but mentioned: God-Tier Dave apparently won the Superpower Lottery in terms of class, as he's a heavy-combat role with an eminently abusable element. Aradia could freeze Jack in place with her powers over time. Combine that with Dave's badassery, habit of having more than one of himself in the same place at the same time, and an Infinity +1 Sword, and you have a recipe for absolute destruction.
    • Lord English manages to outdo Jack Noir destroying large portions of the afterlife and causing massive cracks in reality to appear in the otherwise unchanging empty space between universes.
  • "Gosh", the Butterfly of Iron in The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!, is a Space Master whose feats include sending a whole attacking starfleet tumbling out of his way, making a huge alien Living Ship and its passengers seemingly blink out of existence for a moment by "flattening" their constituent de Broglie waves, and threatening to cause the Sun to go nova by altering its gravity. He's an alien race's artificial living weapon of last resort.
  • Karin-dou 4koma: Seren is a infamous magician of immense power, with a "Spell Booster" predisposition that automatically, drastically boosts any spells she casts unless she's wearing her Power Limiter. Her nicknames include "The Human Solar Cannon" and "The Bomb Princess".
  • Radd, in Kid Radd, can charge his attack to whatever is the maximum value on the system he's in. In the 8-bit game he's from it's 255. In 12-bit games he becomes a Game-Breaker. Outside of the games, his attack could potentially crash the whole Internet.
  • Riff from Sluggy Freelance tends to view Aylee this way, thinking her species' instincts could make her try to take over the world. This belief turns out to be more justified than he knows in the sense that we eventually find out that the normal pattern of behaviour for someone of her species would be to breed a whole Horde of Alien Locusts to consume everything on the planet and then bury into the centre of it and explode.
    • Riff himself is one, given his abilities to build highly weaponizable technology. His Dimensional Flux Agitator turns out to have the potential to destroy the entire universe if used carelessly.
  • In Tower of God, probably anyone with a Rank anywhere near the top would qualify for this. Perhaps all Rankers.note  Even Hoaqin with a fraction of his power, when he's exceptionally powerful compared to the people he's dealing with but still not as powerful as a Ranker, is able to eradicate a courtyard full of people with little effort. One example of High Rankers showing power that could serve as a means of mass destruction is the fight between Yuri Jahad and Karaka, where a huge space is filled with the energies of their respective magical attacks, which would instantly kill a lesser being.
  • XRS: Although much of its capabilities are unknown/untested, what is clear is that in the right (or wrong) hands the XRS is capable of causing tremendous damage to any person, object, or environment it is targeting.


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