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Nightmare Fuel / Starsector

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The Persean sector is fraught with peril for the surviving inhabitants who are trapped there, from the numerous pirates and religious zealots to the almost entirely unmapped outer systems that few return from. Not to mention that technology has been degrading over the past few centuries...

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     The Core Worlds 
While The Core Worlds are the safest place in the sector, they bear hundreds of years worth of scars alongside the rivaling factions fighting for dominance.

  • Jangala, the planet you spawn next to if you choose to skip the tutorial, is a jungle planet that has an ecosystem and weather system so dangerous that quarantine measures are required for visitors. Even worse, the jungle needs to be burned away from orbit frequently to give colonists breathing room. Considering the decline of technology in the Sector, it might only be a matter of time until the jungle chokes out the cities on the planet.

  • Mairaath used to be a beautiful world with three gargantuan Astropoli in orbit that provided fire support and additional living space. Visit now, and it's a ravaged desert with the the remains of a single rusted Astropolis nearby. What happened? The Luddic Path [[Colony Drop rammed one of the stations into the ground]].

  • The capitol of the Sindrian Diktat is Sindria, a planet that's inundated with solar radiation from a red giant and requires anyone living there to reside deep underground. It has one of the highest populations in the Sector due to a refugee crisis, but the vast majority of inhabitants live in squalor due to neglected infrastructure which has lead to it also being the largest Wretched Hive in the Sector too.

  • There are multiple abandoned or decivilized worlds around The Core, where colonization efforts were extinguished for one reason or another. They've all been picked clean by scavengers and go to show how unforgiving the Persean Sector is to human life.

The Persean Sector was thrown into disarray ever since The Collapse, and even 206 cycles later it's still seeing heavy political and military conflict from the several factions present.

  • The Hegemony posture themselves as the continuation of The Domain, and have committed multiple atrocities against their competitors such as using planet-killer weapons and using the Luddic Path as proxies to attack enemies such as Mairaath.

  • The Sindrian Diktat broke off from the Hegemony during the 'Askonia Crisis' and supplanted control of the system by means of a military dictatorship. While they're only in control of a single system, they manufacture a significant amount of the fuel used in the Sector and have a lot of defensive power. Also, they train enough marines with their Lion's Guard HQ to effectively crush any sign of dissent on their worlds.

  • Tri-Tachyon is responsible for the two AI Wars that plagued the Sector previously, and still control a considerable amount of territory despite being heavily punished by the Hegemony.


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