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  • Demonic Spiders: Some fighter wings rival frigates in terms of durability and firepower. Since they also have the ability to be replaced during battle if a carrier is present, they don't have to worry as much about damage or ammo limits. As counter-intuitive as it seems, if there's a nearly depleted squadron nearby, ignore all other threats to finish them off.
    • Wasps are this trope to a frigate due to their high speed, large squadron size, and decent weapon (you're being targeted by what amounts to six shorter-ranged Tactical Lasers). They also have a tendency to fly right through your shields and disable half of your weapons in a single pass. A design that can handle several squadrons of Talons simultaneously can be shredded in seconds by a single Wasp group.
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    • While other fighters might be more damaging, Thunders are probably the most annoying to fight. They are the fastest and have twice as much range as other strike craft, meaning a carrier can engage you with them from much farther away, and their combination of light machine guns and ion cannons means they both severely pressure your shields, and any ship with partial-coverage shields will rapidly get its weapons and engines disabled. They are widely regarded by the community as the most OP fighters for this reason.
  • Game-Breaker: A couple of ships that the A.I uses in a suboptimal fashion can be utterly terrifying once the player gets their hands on them.
    • The Hyperion-class Frigate has an extremely long-range teleportation ability that generates minimal flux when used and also has two Medium energy hardpoints. The default loadout fits these with Pulse Lasers, which are entirely decent weapons for light engagements. However, the player can rip these out and replace them with either Heavy or Antimatter Blasters, giving it incredible damage potential with the drawback of running out of flux capacity extremely fast. Even Onslaught-Class battleships can be taken down quickly and easily via hit-and-run tactics that abuse the generous teleporting ability and insane speed of the Hyperion to consistently hit it in the unprotected rear and teleport away before it can retaliate. The ability to mount four Atropos or two Reaper torpedoes only makes this ship even more of a threat.
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    • The Paragon-class is a deadly foe, but the standard layout has poor damage output and lacks all but three out of fifty potential extra flux vents. By fully utilizing four Tachyon Lances, and with kinetic weapons to support disabling a ship's weaponry with ease, the Paragon can retain immense firepower combined with maximum flux capacity and hullmods that allow it to vent hard flux with shields raised. This allows the Paragon to go toe-to-toe with multiple Onslaught-class ships at once, hitting them hard with plasma cannons and tanking anything they can throw at it with good tactical use of the Fortress Shield.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The game has a quite strong Chinese community. They're mainly found in Baidu and the fan website Fossic. They're well known for developing high-quality and impressive mods like ApproLight, Polaris Prime, Gudalanmu and the 0.9x port of Sundog's ICE mod.
  • Goddamned Bats:
    • Interceptor fighters. They are usually rather weak, but their high speed and maneuverability makes them excel at flanking. Ignore them at your peril.
    • Pilum LRMs. These missiles do a decent amount of damage, but are slow and have terrible tracking. They remain a threat because they fire in salvoes of three every five seconds, the missiles fly for almost a minute before burning out, and most ships carrying them have multiple launchers. If you spend any time piloting a fast frigate, you quickly get used to the sight of twelve or more of these on your tail.
    • For the very early portions of the game, the Goddamned Bats would be anything with Omni-shields, since it takes a significant investment in firepower to max their flux meter. Not to mention that they tend to drop their shields for a few moments to recharge, undoing a portion of your damage. On the other hand, it's a harsh lesson for newbies on why flanking is so important.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: The mission scoring system, where the only way to get 100% is by destroying every ship in the enemy fleet without taking any casualties on your own side. Prepare to restart the mission over and over because a single survivor from a fighter squadron managed to reach the edge of the map and escape, ruining your perfect score. The most frustrating aspect is that any enemy ships that weren't fielded (meaning you were able to take all the control points on the map, quite a feat in itself) count against your score. What's that? You managed to capture 3/4 of the enemy fleet intact without losing a single ship? I think a 19% score sounds fair! Though this is no longer the case in the new versions as retreated ships now count for more then destroying them.

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