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Nightmare Fuel / Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass

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Very normal things to find in an 8 year old child's imagination.

  • The Bonus Dungeon in Wilted Lands is definitely a case of this, what with hallways randomly changing upon reaching a dead end, the near silence of the location except for the ungodly roars of...something, all leading up to an Optional Boss called Slither.
  • At the very end of the demo we see that the Queen Bee and her guards have disappeared. All that's left is a strange green trail leading into the next room, hinting at some gruesome fate.
  • In the full game we find out what happened to all the bees. Something has mutilated them, leaving body parts strewn about the hive. In one room there are horrifically mutated corpses that appear to be fused with the pulsating mass. The enemies you fight in the level are all undead versions of the bees with green goop bleeding out of their bodies, with the exception of Drones, which appear to be nothing but lumps of flesh with eyes, a mouth, and wings.
    • Thats not even the worst of it, the boss of the level, Queen Bee, appears to be a veiny, skinless humanoid...thing, tearing itself free from a giant bee abdomen. The cutscene before this doesn't help much, what with the pulsating abdomen, and the pulsating mass seemingly possessing the Queen Bee to speak through them.
  • After the murder mystery is seemingly solved Jimmy can walk outside the club into the nearby alleyway where he finds the dog, the true culprit. The dog then mutates into a long necked monstrosity.
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  • You find Punch Tanaka standing on a bridge lamenting his failure to defeat Jimmy. Suddenly Jonathan Bear walks out and encourages him to end it already, which he then does by jumping of the bridge. Having your adorable teddy bear companion tell someone to kill themselves out of nowhere is incredibly jaring.
  • In the mall level Jimmy jumps through a tv screen into his favorite show, Jonathan Bear. The level is very cutesy, with all of the plants and trees made of wooden props. The further in you travel the more the scenery changes into a hellish nightmare. Jonathan's animals friends turn into nightmarish monsters. At the end you have to fight a giant mutated Jonathan Bear.
  • The progression of Grimclaw throughout the game is pretty unsettling. At the start of the game you just see an innocent bird circling around its nest atop the peak of the mountain, but after you come back to Homeflower later in the game you now find it undulating painfully and creepily in a ball in its nest, no longer flying idly around. And of course it should be unsurprising at all that when you finally encounter Grimclaw in person he is fully corrupted by the Pulsating Mass with his wings fleshy and veiny, and three disgusting leeches using it as a host.
  • The entirety of Mr. Cat's Lair. When Jimmy hears from the villagers in Smile that Cordelia has gone missing, It doesn't take long to discover a cave not too far from the area she was last seen. Once inside, you're greeted by Mr. Cat's home, completely vacant, and with the cabinet's doors wide open. Stepping inside the cabinet embarks the player on an absolutely *dread-inducing* trip through a nightmarish mansion, packed with telephones that yield no answer, a hallway vandalized with manic scribbles referencing a group named "The Skin Thieves", and an unsettling replica of Smile populated by dark, stringy, humanoid creatures.
    • It can be noted that the music that plays when the Pulsating Mass or something related interacts with you is called "Skin Thieves".
    • At the end of this ghoulish hellscape, you find yourself in an empty room with a single ringing telephone. Answering it causes the room to become engulfed in an inky black substance, and the monster behind all this, Mr. Cat, to reveal himself. After the ensuing boss fight, you travel through one last hallway, and enter the final room, where the game wastes no time in capping it all off with one final Gut Punch. The final room is a child's bedroom, with a chilling trail of blood leading from the bed straight to a closed cabinet, containing the mangled remains of Cordelia. From that point, the game automatically transitions to an absolutely heart-rending scene of Cordelia's family mourning their lost daughter.
    • Most horrifying of all are the implications brought about by finding Cordelia's clothes outside in the hallway. And her body was found in a bedroom...
  • The bonus dungeon near the Giant's Feet. You enter a cave with no music, and there's nothing there but some glitchy T.V screens. But when you enter the next room you a thrust into a pitch black series of tunnels with a chaotic soundtrack of people shouting different numbers and static. If that's not bad enough at the end of the tunnel you seemingly reach a dead end, but when you exit that room the layout of the tunnel has changed. The world will suddenly shift as though it's glitching out. At one point it looks like you've been teleported outside the cave, but when you try to leave the area the world shifts back into the cave. Eventually you're teleported to a long hallway, where all you can hear is a squishing noise. At the end of the hallway is a bizarre humanoid creature with empty eyes scratching at its exposed brain.
  • The final showdown against The Pulsating Mass. At this point everything seems hopeless - the only people who haven't been taken are Jimmy and Buck, The Secret Knowledge is out of your hands, and the Mass has begun the process of assimilating the world into itself, starting with the Central Hub, which has been turned into a fleshy Eldritch Location. And The Pulsating Mass itself isn't a slouch, either - while you fight it, it takes on the forms of your family members in a manner similar to that of Giygas, complete with chilling music. Special mention goes to how when it imitates Andrew or Helga, it can inflict a unique status effect on Jimmy - Heartbroken. As a whole, the entire final area is the Darkest Hour of the game, and it shows.

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