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Nightmare Fuel / Jet Force Gemini

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  • There are Airborne Squadrons in the game which are one of the dangerous enemies in the game. And they are the Stealth Drones, Cyan Flying Machines which follow you when you get to close to them and rapidly shoot you. These enemies must have scared a lot of players in their childhoods.
  • Hydrophobes are certainly not going to like Vela's neck of Mizar's Palace, as it features an entirely-underwater maze that you have to get through. Granted, Vela has Super Not-Drowning Skills, but it doesn't mean you won't get lost. The eerie music doesn't help matters.
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  • On the surface it seems alright for a younger audience...then you get into the giant mutant zombie bugs, the implied wholesale butchering of Tribal families, the zombified planet, the level spent almost entirely traversing a colossal worm's digestive tract, the giant praying mantis Dual Boss, the showers of splattering blood and the screams of the dying and the decapitations (including the ability to decapitate things that look like teddy bears).
  • The rotflies that swarm around the dead or dying bodies of the ants you will inevitably slaughter throughout the game.
  • The game involves genocide. The Bugs invade the Tribals' home planet and slaughter them indiscriminately. In a cutscene, we see that the bugs are executing tribals in firing squads, which Floyd just simply cannot tolerate. Even given the Tribals'.... hate among gamers, you obviously aren't supposed to feel guilty for the bugs as you shred them to bits.
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  • The Abandoned Spaceship. Something happened there, but the only thing you can find is damaged walls, a few tribals hiding in corners, a small amount of drones patrolling the area, and really, really eerie music.
  • The air vents full of cockroaches in the S.S. Anubis.

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