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Nightmare Fuel / Faerie Tale Theatre

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  • From a literal nightmare: In Rapunzel, a number of viewers were notably freaked out by that screaming radish Rapunzel's real mother dreamt about.
  • While deserved, and Lighter and Softer than in the original fairy-tale, the fate of the Evil Queen in "Snow White" can still be freaky: Every mirror she looks at will turn black, causing her to scream and howl in her castle.
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  • When the spirit of Death comes to kill the emperor (played by Mick Jagger) in "The Nightingale".
  • Henbane's One-Winged Angel form in "Sleeping Beauty".
    Henbane: Step into my reality. If you have the courage.
    • After Henbane causes the princess to prick her finger, she removes her peasant disguise to gloat. The eyes of her human mask become pitch-black before she tears it off.
  • The Cave of Wonders in "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp". Of course, is anyone surprised considering Tim Burton directed it?
  • The toads in "Thumbelina" scared at least some kids.


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