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  • Henbane in the adaption of Sleeping Beauty and her Faux Affably Evil demeanor.
    The Pink Fairy: You know something Henbane? For a good fairy you're really not very nice.
    Henbane: Takes all kinds.
  • The Woodsman in "Sleeping Beauty" is a marvel.
    Woodsman: Yes, a huge, fire-breathing giant, just like in the good old days!"
  • Robin Williams completely steals the show as the Frog Prince.
  • Their version of Aladdin has a few, including "Grand Vizier, look at this! It goes round and round forever, and yet the dog never catches the cat!" Followed by a very "see what I have to deal with?" Aside Glance from the Grand Vizier. It also provides a lot of Hilarious in Hindsight moments compared to the Disney version because there are some similar elements, like the Sultan being a little fat man who collects toys and the Genie being a wise-cracker who knows about things from the future.
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  • The Princess and the Pea has the prince and his fool finding out how the prince's mother plans to test if the love interest is a real princess; the familiar 'pea in the bed' trick - "If the girl is sensitive, fragile and delicate as a princess should be, she will have no trouble feeling the pea." There's a beat while they process this, before the prince grabs the fool and loudly points out how impossible this is.

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