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While the other Halloween sequels are treated as being non-canonical to this movie, the creators have stated that there are several Easter Eggs alluding to them regardless. "Several" isn't quite the word to describe it.

  • Halloween (1978)
    • Aside from the deterioration after being kept in a box for 40 years, Michael's mask in the film is a near perfect replica of the mask from the original film. The mask also has details like small stains near the left eyehole and a hole on the left side of the neck, referencing Michael's injuries from the same movie (getting jabbed in the left eye and stabbed with a knitting needle)
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    • One of the first things Sartain tells the podcasters when they meet Michael is 'underestimate no one', which is similar to Loomis telling Nurse Chambers 'don't underestimate it'. Works on two levels due to the twist.
    • Actress PJ Soles (who played Lynda) has an off-screen cameo as the voice of Allyson's teacher, and she's giving a lecture on the same subject as lecture from the original.
    • Although it's not shot from his point-of-view, the film features a long unbroken tracking shot reminiscent of the original's opening scene with Michael murdering Judith, as there starting with one of John Carpenter's signature synchronizer stings. And the trick-or-treaters are reciting the "Black Cats and Goblins" chant from the original's opening scene to boot.
    • In the first film, Loomis and Brackett briefly discuss how the family homes of Haddonfield, "all lined up in rows up and down these streets," could be "lined up for a slaughterhouse." That prediction comes to pass in this film - upon returning to Haddonfield, Michael starts his rampage at a seemingly random house and goes down the street house by house, indiscriminately killing the occupants. The two houses Michael invades in The Oner are next door to each other, and the second of those houses is next door to Julian's.
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    • Vicky's shirt is based on the shirt Tommy wore when he was woken up by Laurie after the latter first encountered Michael. However, the colors are reversed on Vicky's shirt.
    • Before Dave (and later, Michael) arrived, Vicky was cleaning a large, vintage-style knife similar to Michael's knife from the first film. Later, Dave tries to use the knife to save Vicky when he hears her being attacked by Michael . However, Michael is later revealed to have taken the older knife, and leave the modern, shorter, kitchen knife he took from the old lady in Dave's neck, pinning him to the wall
    • Dave's death is virtually identical to Bob's, his body pinned against the wall with a knife, though in this film, the corpse is facing the wall, the knife is through his neck, and we only see the aftermath of the kill.
    • Similarly, Vicky's corpse posed under a ghost bedsheet recalls Michael disguising himself as Bob in the original.
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    • Allyson running down an empty street, pursued by Michael, crying and screaming for help while banging on doors, is just like what her grandmother did in the first film. Only here, the residents don't ignore her and she's later seen being calmed down and cared for by several people.
    • After tumbling down the stairs into Laurie's panic room, Michael is shown lying on his back and sitting straight up, exactly as he did after the first film's closet scene.
    • As in the original, a character is attacked and falls out a window, disappearing when the observer's back is turned, and reappears in the shadows of a doorway. This time it's Laurie doing all three, with Michael in her position from the original. She's also picked up his habit of silently staring at the high school through a window from across the street.
    • The manner in which Allyson is holding the knife at the end calls to mind how, in the first film, Laurie dropped the knife while resting on the couch after seemingly killing Michael. Given that Michael wasn't anywhere close to dead from that in the first film, it could easily be interpreted as a hint that Michael survived this one.
    • Michael's last kill in the original film (Lynda) was strangling his victim from behind. Ray is strangled with bell chimes and he winds up being Michael's last victim in this film.
    • In a deleted scene, Michael slaughters and hangs a dog from a tree, referencing how he killed and ate a dog in the first one.
  • Halloween II (1981)
    • The movie recreates one of this film's scenes of Michael going into an old lady's house dressed in a pink bathrobe and curlers, takes a knife, then goes into the house of a younger woman talking on the phone to a "Sally." The only difference is that Michael kills the older woman in this movie while her counterpart's fate is ambiguous in the second film.
      • Another one relating to this scene is when Oscar starts having a drunken rant to Michael in a neighbour's backyard and mistakes him for Mr. Elrod, the Elrod's house being the one Michael breaks into at the beginning of that film to take their knife.
      • Before Michael steals the knife, he bumps into two kids, with one of them wearing a cowboy costume and carrying a boombox like the boy Michael bumped into in the second film.
    • Allyson shouting "That's him!" and getting Hawkins to ram Michael with his vehicle recalls Ben Tramer's demise here. Also, one cop is killed with a pen-knife to the temple, much like how the hospital director was killed with a syringe in that movie.
    • After being tricked into go outside, Ray is garroted with bell chimes by Michael, similar to how Budd was killed in the second film by Michael.
    • Michael apparently dies in a propane fire, just like in the original sequel.
    • A notable one is a Take That! towards this film, with Allyson very explicitly saying that its Plot Twist of Michael being Laurie's brother was just "something that people made up." Given that many fans of the series, including Carpenter (who wrote the second film), regard that twist as a Franchise Original Sin, this film was pretty clear in establishing that it would not be repeating the same mistake.
  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch.
    • During the trick-or-treating scene just before Michael starts house-to-house killing, a couple of kids are wearing the Silver Shamrock masks.
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
    • Michael wears blue coveralls in this film, just as he started wearing in the fourth film and was quickly misinterpreted as always wearing in all the films (Michael's coveralls change color depending on the film; his first pair was green).
    • Not only is there a scene set in a gas station, with Michael slaughtering its staff, but there's also a "Resurrection Church" truck parked nearby, referencing the crazy preacher Dr. Loomis hitchhiked with during that movie.
    • Hawkins ramming Michael with his car and then attempting to shoot him in the head in order to protect Allyson strongly resembles the climax from this film, where Rachel runs Michael over and then the sheriff shoots Michael to pieces with an army of state troopers, in order to protect Jamie.
    • Just like Rachel, Allyson also deals with a cheating boyfriend. Except that this one survives.
  • Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers
    • Similarly to Halloween 5, two comedy relief cops are assigned to protect the Strode family from Michael. They are just as helpless against Michael in this installment as they were in that one. But there is no clown music here this time, thank God.
    • Right before Michael's homecoming rampage through Haddonfield, a kid dressed as the Man in Black lights a firecracker and leaves it on the street.
      • Also right before The Shape's return, a little girl is briefly seen dressed in a princess costume similar to Jamie's costume.
      • One of the two kids, Michael bumps into is wearing a pirate coustume like Billy in the fifth film.
    • Michael's murder of Oscar is similar to the murder of Samantha, as both were wearing devil-themed costumes, however, obvious differences include the change of the victim's gender, the way Michael killed them, and the fact that one got some and the other didn't.
  • Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers
    • When Michael goes missing after the bus crash, a cop cracks a joke along the lines of "What are we gonna do, ban Halloween?" which is exactly what Haddonfield did in this film.
    • Dr. Sartain's entire character is essentially a mythology gag referencing this film. Throughout the movie, we are led to believe that he is an Expy of Dr. Loomis. At one point, Laurie even asks him if he's the new Loomis. Late in the movie, it is revealed that he is actually this timeline's equivalent to the Man in Black.
    • Michael's coveralls take on gray hues in certain scenes, making it look similar to the pair he wore in the sixth film.
  • Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later
    • Michael attacking Dana in a public bathroom is reminiscent of a sequence in H20 (in which the woman in the stall was much luckier than Dana in this film).
    • The theme of Laurie suffering post-traumatic stress after Michael's original rampage that seriously damages her relationships with her family/loved ones harkens back to this film, though it's taken Up to Eleven here.
      • The extremity of the situation was originally suggested by Jamie Lee Curtis for H20, but it was turned down.
    • Michael uses a knife similar to the one he used in H20 when he starts his killing spree, however the difference between the two knives include the brand and the length of the blade (the knife in this film was 8 inches while the one in H20 was 14 inches, the largest knife used by Michael until the 19 inch bowie knife in the sequel to Rob Zombie's Halloween)
    • The decapitation of the cop and his head being turned into a jack-o-lantern is similar to another death in a comic book set in the H20 continuity, Halloween: Nightdance.
    • Dave's toy horse is named Tate, as a reference to Laurie's alias Keri Tate.
  • Halloween: Resurrection
    • The "motion tracker" scene features a brief tracking shot following Michael's knife as he stalks a victim, referencing a similar shot during the climax of this film. The brief "knife-flip" he does from a forward- to reverse-grip also first showed up in this film. Busta Rhymes does not rescue the victim this time.
    • In addition to referencing Michael's disappearing act at the ending of the original film, the fact that Laurie survives her Disney Villain Death may also be a Take That! to this movie, where Michael successfully (and anti-climactically) killed her the same way.
    • Ray claiming that he knew jiu-jitsu maybe a reference on how Busta Rhymes' character Freddy Harris knew kung-fu and was able to beat up Michael Myers at the end of Resurrection. Unfortunately, this does not save Ray from getting strangled, and even if he actually knew jiu-jitsu, Michael probably would've still been able to kill him by his stupidity alone.
  • Halloween (2007)
    • Michael's mask is dirty, deteriorated, and cracked, similar to the Rob Zombie incarnation of the character. Plus, it appears he has the same Berserk Button as Zombie's Michael: people taking his mask.
    • Michael is heard grunting a couple of times like he did in this film.
  • Halloween II (2009)
    • Dr. Sartain is killed by having his head violently smashed in, much like Howard's death in that film.
    • Laurie's relationships with her loved ones being ruined by the spectre of Michael Myers' original rampage is also a theme from this film.
    • The way Dr. Sartain puts on Michael's mask is similar to when Laurie does at the end of the theatrical cut of the film.
    • The fashion in which Michael stabs Vicky to death, is similar to how he killed the nurse in this film, only less bloody and gory.


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