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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • A brief but subtle moment: after Aaron enquires whether Laurie believes in the Bogeyman, and Laurie subsequently verbally mauls him, the camera cuts back to Dana, who briefly wears a "For God's sake, what the hell are you doing?" expression when looking at her partner before turning back to Laurie and resuming the interview.
  • Allyson's father Ray is introduced working on mousetraps, using peanut butter as bait. He then snaps one on his finger and complains that he got some peanut butter on his penis.
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  • It's a serious moment, but it is rather amusing when Laurie turns up at Allyson's meet-the-boyfriend effort - and immediately grabs Ray's glass of wine for a massive gulp without even acknowledging him. The resigned frustration on Ray's face suggests this isn't the first time she's done that to him either.
  • For a preteen boy, Julian is pretty quick to figure out that Vicky plans to bring her friends over to his place to smoke weed. He threatens to tell his mom, but shuts up when Vicky says she'll tell his parents about his browser history if he does. It's clear both are in Vitriolic Best Buds territory, after Julian knocks her lack of babysitting cred, with Vicky instantly clapping back that he's only her tenth favourite kid that she babysits.
    Vicky: And I babysit some fucking loser kids.
    • Julian's genre savvy tendencies in general being laugh-out loud. From telling Vicky to have Dave check his room for an intruder first, so he dies instead of her, all the way to immediately running from his bed than risk another second with Michael (though he does come back, sliding into Tear Jerker territory as she screams at him to run).
      • There's also Dave's antics, like riding and crashing a vintage motorcycle he found in Julian's garage while stoned.
  • When Laurie finds Michael after forty years, what is he doing? Looking at himself in a mirror inside one of the rooms in Julian's house for no reason. Then, when she shoots the mirror (mistaking its reflection for Michael), Michael casually speedwalks down the brightly lit stairway, as Hawkins yells and shoots at him; he' so calm during all this, might as well been whistling during all of this as he left.
    • Then when you think about it, he had enough time to kill Dave, cover up Vicky in a Bedsheet Ghost costume, and put a jack-o-lantern in an aquarium, so all that he was doing was staring at himself in the mirror like a little kid.
  • Laurie's dramatic confession of wishing that Michael would escape so that she could kill him, being undercut by Hawkins calling out how dumb of a thing that was to wish for, while outside of Michael's latest kill site.
    • Depending how you look at it, it's also a Tear Jerker, since Laurie is shown with a grim expression on her face as Hawkins leaves, probably regretting what she did, believing all this bloodshed is all on her somehow.
  • After Allyson turns down Oscar's tactless attempt to kiss her, he drunkenly apologizes, claiming that not only was he really drunk, he was also horny because lots of hot girls at the Halloween dance were grinding on him and "feeding me guacamole in sexy ways." When Michael Myers appears, he mistakes Michael for the owner of the yard he's sitting in, and asks him whether or not he's ever really wanted a girl he couldn't have. Michael, for his part, just stands there staring at him until he's done.
  • Dr. Sartain kills Hawkins and captures Michael, stuffing his maskless body and his separated mask with Allyson in the backseat; he is later telling his obsession with wanting to know why Michael kills, along with wanting to hear him to Allyson. To escape this crazy asshole, Allyson lies that she heard Michael speak and will tell Sartain if he lets her go. Sartain then stops the car and demands for Allyson to tell him. But as she tries to come up with a lie of what Michael said, she hears Michael breathing and she ends up blurting out "FUCK!", as the camera pans to an awake and remasked Michael.
    • The fact Michael was able to silently remask himself without being noticed by them, even though they're barely a foot away from him.
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    • The way Michael escapes the car is humorous in its own way; you know how little kids kick the back of car seats? Michael kicks the grate between the driver's seat so hard, it gets ripped out of its fittings and he starts kick Sartain into the steering wheel hard enough to knock him unconscious.
    • There's also something humorous in the way that Michael just stares as Allyson for a moment before turning his attention to Sartain. Sure, might have been to terrify Allyson before he goes after her next, but it almost seems like he's saying "Can you believe this guy? Wait here while I kill him, okay?"
  • Officers Richards and Francis discussing what they brought to eat, and Francis taking out a small container with a single brownie and some chocolate pudding.
    Richards: That's- That's like what a five-year-old would eat if they could make their own lunch.
    • Francis then gets defensive and starts talking about how he made the brownie himself.
  • After Michael throws Laurie off her balcony, he looks away for a moment and Laurie disappears just like Michael did at the end of the first film after getting shot off the balcony. And this is accompanied by a Scare Chord, which at this point, has only been reserved for Michael.
    (Laurie has disappeared) ''Dun-na-NAAA!''
    • One can't help but feel Michael might have had a Batman moment: So that's what that feels like.
  • The Sartain and Hawkins Ride Along deleted scene:
    • Hawkins' irritated-sounding "what a dick" when hearing Michael's probably going after Laurie (like Michael's been spray-painting cars or something instead of killing over a dozen people).
    • Sartain asking if Hawkins has ever worn women's underwear. Hawkins just stares at him.
    • Sartain picking his nose, and Hawkins' increasing exasperation with it.
    Sartain: I scratch my brain through my nose!


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