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Belgian rock band Soulwax was formed by singer Stephen Dewaele and his guitarist brother David along with bassist Stefaan Van Leuven and drummer Piet Dierickx. Soulwax started out as an alternative rock group with strong electronic influence, but quickly switched to creating full-on EDM and Dance-Punk.

However, Soulwax is best known for the extensive quantity of popular remixes they have created. They have remixed everyone from The Rolling Stones to Justice to MGMT. They have done this under both their traditional name and their alter ego, 2 Many DJ's (2manydjs).

Soulwax is also known for "Radio Soulwax," a website that broadcasts their remixes mixed together as a 24/7 ad-free internet radio station. This station also features an odd visual component based on the album covers of the original records.


  • 1996 - Leave the Story Untold
  • 1998 - Much Against Everyone's Advice
  • 2004 - Any Minute Now
  • 2005 - Nite Versions
  • 2017 - From Deewee
  • 2018 - Essential
  • 2020 - Deewee Sessions, Vol. 1

Soulwax provides examples of

  • Ballad of X: "A Ballad to Forget"
  • Band of Relatives: Formed by brothers Stephen and David Dewaele, with the accompaniment of a couple more musicians.
  • Date Rape: The music video for "E-Talking" is about a club with each of party-goers under the effect of a drug for each letter of the alphabet. R and S correspond to groggy-looking girl under the effects of Rohypnol and a shifty-looking guy on Steroids that is claiming he is going to take her home.
  • "Days of the Week" Song: Their 1999 song "Saturday".
  • In Da Club: The video for "E Talking" is a subversion - everyone's on drugs from literally A-Z and the clubbers cover a spectrum of old/young/attractive/not so much, but because of the drugs even the most generically pretty among them don't look so great.
  • Minimalistic Cover Art: The album covers for Any Minute Now and Nite Versions both involve optical illusions that don't look like much, but you can still make out the text if you pay attention.
  • Shout-Out: Their album Nite Versions is a reference to Duran Duran's habit of naming the extended dance mixes of their songs the "Night Version".