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Memes / Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Hill: All set up, troper
Tony: Actually he's the boss, I actually meme everything.

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  • Less than three days after the first official trailer was released, people all over the internet started making references to the song featured in the trailer (There are no strings on me!) in discussions about advanced technology or robotics.
  • Marvel's Twitter response to the trailer leak—"Dammit, HYDRA"— was briefly memetic as well.
  • "He's Fast and She's Weird."note  became memetic, with the most common meme is to compare the statement to Dash and Violet.
  • The reveal that Hawkeye has a farm has lead to quite a lot of fanart and speculation.
  • The Vision being described as Tony and Bruce's love child.
  • The casting of Thomas Kretschmann led to a resurgance in Downfall memes.explanation .
  • The scene of Ultron emerging from the darkness to interrupt the Avengers' get-together has been a frequent victim of photoshop, replacing Ultron with various characters. The most recurring replacements seem to be Spider-Man (which is now a bit Hilarious in Hindsight) and Baymax.
  • From the third trailer, someone photoshopped a GIF of Spider-Man with the Avengers jumping together into battle. There's also a Running Gag in various social media to make a joke of the Hulk looking like he was taking a group selfie.
  • "You didn't see that coming?" (Pietro's line on attacking Hawkeye, too fast for a normal human to follow)
  • After the reveal of Quicksilver's accent, many people ask if he wants to go bowling.
  • There's a popular fanart circulating around where Hawkeye delivers "You step out that door, you're an Avenger" to the twins, only for Spider-Man to jump at the call (this also can be considered Hilarious in Hindsight, as that's exactly what Tony makes Peter in Avengers: Infinity War).
  • "Language!"note 
  • Ultron decides to destroy humanity after spending a few minutes on the Internet.
  • Cuttlefish! note 
  • "Elevator's not worthy."note 
  • Similarly, images of Thor using Mjolnir to pull Superdickery, with the caption "Thor is a jerk."
  • Due to the absence of Pepper Potts and the fact that the entire movie happens because of Tony's effort to create Ultron, some fans joked that if Pepper wasn't busy running Stark Industries, she would have unplugged the program and the entire movie wouldn't happen. Also popular is "Pepper reacts to Vision" fan art due to we never saw her doing that in the movie.
  • "You get killed, walk it off." note 
  • Tony's "Please be a secret door, please be a secret door, please be a secret door...yay!" appears to be getting a lot of play around the gaming table, judging by online comments.
  • "Age of Ultron is a flop." note  Which Disney seemed to agree on.
  • "Week of Ultron"note 
  • What is Hawkeye's shield made of? Overlapping with Black Comedy.
  • Thor: "How old are you?!" Ultron: "Not telling." explanation 
  • In a Black Comedy way, fans joked (and as pointed out by How It Should Have Ended) that Pietro should've listened to "Time in a Bottle" to learn how to evade or redirect those bullets.
  • "BOOM! You looking for this!?"Explanation 
  • Though such words existed before, "Fine. I'll do it myself." in the context of Thanos putting on the Gauntlet in The Stinger has definitely gained steam.
  • If You Feel Dumb, Just Remember Cap Tried To Choke A Robot.explanation 
  • "Maybe I am an X."Explanation 
  • "Clearly, you've never made an omelette." Explanation 
    • "Clearly, you don't own an air fryer."Explanation 

Tony: I see a fountain of memes around the world!