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    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

  • "Is that Paul Rudd?"note 
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  • In general, all the "ant-sized" marketing.note 
  • "Huh."note 
  • "Is it too late to change the name?"note 
  • A still of Scott, in Ant-Man gear, giving a thumbs up has been getting some traction.
  • "Bobby Newport IS Ant-Man"note 
  • "Makes sense."note 
  • After Trailer 1, numerous jokes about Thomas the Tank Engine being evil started popping up, due to Scott and Yellowjacket's climactic battle taking place largely on Cassie's toy train set. It's cooler than it sounds.
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  • "I will bathe the railways in your blood!"note 
  • "I know, it wasn't my idea."note 
  • A popular half-joking theory is that Ant-Man was in every previous MCU movie, but was too small for everyone to notice.
  • "Baskin-Robbins always finds out."note 
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  • Ant-Man is a flop.note 
  • There have been various gifs of Scott meeting Ant-thony again, some of which "borrow" a certain exchange from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.note 
  • ANTSnote 
  • "You tried to hide your X from me, now, it's gonna blow up in your face, and destroy everyone you care about."note 
  • Scott commenting that he'll find a job easily (He's got a Masters in Engineering!) followed by him working at Baskin-Robbins has been "hailed" as the most realistic moment in an MCU movie.
  • There's apparently a petition to have Luis become The Narrator of the MCU.
  • "Anything else?" "I'm still in January."note 
  • Judy Greer appearing in this, Jurassic World and Tomorrowland in the same summer playing the small role of someone's mother spawned an article titled 'The Judy Greer Effect' - about how Hollywood treats actresses once they reach a certain age.
  • "Can we just talk about the fact that Scott fought Captain America and won?"Explanation 
  • "He's so ugly. I love him!"Explanation 

Scott: "Is it too late to change the memes?"