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Literature / The Oracle Trilogy

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The Oracle Trilogy by Catherine Fisher consists of The Oracle, The Archon and The Scarab. US titles are The Oracle Betrayed, The Sphere of Secrets, and The Day of the Scarab, respectively.

Set in an ancient Egypt-like land, the books follow Mirany, who has been selected to be a priestess of the one god that rules over the Two Lands but who secretly suspects he does not really exist - at least until he starts talking in her head. The priesthood of the Two Lands holds that the god incarnates himself on the earth in the form of a human, the Archon, and with the last Archon dead the search has begun for the child who is his next incarnation. But the situation is as much political as it is religious, and the god has chosen Mirany as his instrument against the schemings of the rest of his people.


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