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Heartwarming / Cerberus High

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • Sherbet's Big Damn Heroes moment in Chapter 4.

    Axel: Get real. We’re up against the Brazen Youths, not some schoolyard tykes. Just what does your so-called ‘squad’ have to offer?

    Kazuki: (thinking) the Brazen Youths...

    Sherbet: I am the realest right now! Look I don’t care if you don’t join but Kazuki’s coming with me no matter what! (puts her hand on Kazuki's shoulder)

    Axel: How precious… but I did say that I would kill Kazuki if he ever turned his back on the squad

    Sherbet: The hell you will! You’d have to get through me first! (shields Kazuki)

    Kazuki: Sherbet, you…

    Sherbet: (looks back at Kazuki and winks)

  • After taking an ice pillar to the solar plexus, Sherbet reveals to Kazuki and Axel how weak she feels compared to them as she is recovering in the infirmary. Already full of concern by the tanuki's needlessly careless act, hearing her say this outrages them and they both give her a heartfelt reminder of how much of an essential role she plays in their squad.
    • Sherbet is touched by their words and her playfulness returns as she asks Axel what he had proposed as a name for their squad. Axel gives her a hilariously bad one and the two share a laugh until Kazuki suddenly pipes up, proposing that they name it the Take-down Squad. Sherbet and Axel look at him which causes the human to become embarrassed but the two absolutely love it and the name sticks.

  • Before heading out to the yard to fight Xiomara, Kazuki stops to promise Axel that he'd bring his sister back to her senses. With it being established that they are both pinning for each other, this scene is made all the more heartwarming.

  • All the major characters stepping forward and explaining why they would go to the Underworld to save Kazuki despite knowing that it's a risky undertaking.
Sherbet: For the sake of my friend, I’d risk it all.

  • In Chapter 27, just when it seemed liked Rouge's brain had finally shut down for good, she is able to find the strength to carry thanks to the apparitions of Darcy Cadmus and her father Casimir Bellerose deep in the recesses in her mind.
    • The reader also gets to see a vision of a younger Kazuki in the distance running after his beloved cat Cherish. He finally notices their presence and flashes them the warmest smile. From that, Rouge understands that she must continue fighting for the sake of all the precious things in life and she returns to reality.

  • Axel and Sherbet encouraging Kazuki from within during his fight with Neo. When charging up his new Raging Burst to put away the demon, he uses three fingers instead of two to represent himself and his friends.

  • All the Overworld characters coming back to life after the defeat of Neo.

  • It was Rouge’s desire for her soul to be put to rest that caused the events of the Underworld Arc and when the time finally came it was both heartwarming and a Tear Jerker. Rouge manages to pull herself together and crawl a great distance despite her severely damaged body just to say farewell to Kazuki. Kazuki is distraught but Rouge convinces him that he'd be alright without her as he still has his friends. As she faded away into light, Rouge thanked Hades for giving her such a grand experience of watching over and protecting another life that she can call her own child. The last thing she sees is her parents including her brother Rey waiting for her in Elysium.

  • Oralee tearfully thanking our main characters for saving her world before sending them to theirs. Kazuki, Sherbet, and Ember, are the first to be transported to the front of Cerberus High while Xiomara and Blanc appear soon after. There is an abundance of cuteness in this one final scene.
  • Time skip to one year in the epilogue, Kazuki’s friends throw him a surprise birthday party and he gets emotional imagining Rouge watching over him from Elysium. Kazuki also wishes Oralee a happy birthday as well.