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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • In Chapter 3 when Kazuki is cornered by Axel who tries to intimidate him into joining his squad.
    Axel: The nameís Axel Amsel. Iíve been sensing an immense power coming for you and my people want it.
    Kazuki: Y-your people?
    Axel: ((leans in) Join my cheer squad and we can help bring out that dormant ability.
    Kazuki: (freezes) Say what now?

  • Sherbet's eardrums being shattered by Mitzy and Roxy's screaming in chapters four and six.

  • At the end of Kazuki and Axel's fight in Chapter 4, when the twins leave the human off with a warning that they wonít take such an embarrassing loss lightly. This causes Axel to be further injured with his pride being hit and a huge spectacle follows with Axel vomiting blood as well as the twins crying out in horror before the three finally vanish.

  • Sherbet's visceral disgust whenever Axel tries to act suave.

  • Axel's notoriously bad handwriting and drawing skills.

  • Sherbet getting trampled by Axel's fan club who had switched their devotion to Kazuki after the human won against the werewolf.
    • When Kazuki excuses himself from the rabid fangirls, he gives them one of Axel's winks that makes even himself cringe.

  • Axel's special training idea in Chapter 6.

    Kazuki: So how exactly are we supposed to do this?

    Axel: I was thinking about starting small, yíknow. Death by a Thousand Cuts but without the death part. Mitzy and Roxy can give you five hundred each.

    Kazuki: What?!

    Sherbet: (drops her popcorn) WHAT?!

    Kazuki:: (panicked) Thatís not how that works, Axel.


    Kazuki: Not if it results in me becoming anemic!

  • After having both his arms dislocated by Xiomara, Axel orders the twins to cut them off so he can regenerate them. This is all fine and dandy for him, but Kazuki is deathly afraid of blood and the human passes out at the grisly sight with swirls in his eyes.

  • As Xiomara watches over Blanc after being injured in his duel with Kazuki, Blanc's masochist side is revealed. She is not amused.

    Blanc: Y-you know, Xio, I actually wanted you to punish meÖ

    Xiomara: Go to bed, Blanc.

    Blanc: Ohhhhhh~ I prefer your crescent moon smile but being looked down on by that disgusted look is good too~❤

    Xiomara: Go to bed, Blanc.

    Blanc: Yes, Xio.

  • Blanc and Axel both having to look away during Rouge's interrogation after Kazuki is thrown into the Underworld and she is reborn stark naked.

    • In the same scene, Axel tries to poke fun at Sherbet as he joins the gang heading to the Underworld, but instead says something embarrassing about him and Kazuki. Sherbet gives him a smug smirk while Xiomara pats him on the back.

  • In Chapter 16 when Lita asks him about his lack of horns at the restaurant and he chokes on his food, the horror of dining with literal demons setting in.