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Quotes / Cerberus High

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“Little Red, Little Red… Seems like you haven’t had a real taste of what this hellhole has in store for mere humans like you.”
Axel Amsel to Kazuki Akai

"I’ll lend you my powers only if you call out my name."
Rouge Bellerose to Kazuki Akai

"... Shut up! I don't want to have to kill anyone else...!"
Kazuki Akai when Rouge tells him he has to kill Blanc

"It’s alright to hold back but sometimes you have to put your foot down if it means protecting the weak. You can’t have your biggest enemy in this battle be yourself, Kazuki. I’ve seen how much you honed your skills, but your inner demons throw all that effort out the window."
Conrad to Kazuki Akai

Kazuki: You’re a snake who preys on those who’ve lost everything. Lost souls seeking solace and belonging!
Xiomara: A snake? Well, that’s a first.

"The body that you’re seeing before you is nothing more than a tangible illusion. I only came back to retrieve someone."
Rouge Bellerose to Rey

“Oralee. I will never, never let whatever is after you get to you. I swear on my life”
Ember Hertz to Oralee