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Awesome / Cerberus High

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • Kazuki in Chapter 4 when he awakens his Eternal Onyx Blade for the first and realizing he's a total expert.

  • Axel fighting Emberís flaming fists with just werewolf-transformed ones in the eighth chapter as they try to avoid all the lightning strikes.

    • The same chapter has Kazuki banishing his trepidation and mowing down a row of black cobras after learning that his friends are in danger. Even Rouge is astonished by it all after failing to stop him from putting his life in danger.

  • Elliot pissing off Kazuki off to the point that his demonic blood literally boils and cancels out the effects of the poison. It is satisfying to see the cryptid lose his composure.
    Elliot: WHAT ARE YOU?!
    Kazuki: (laughs bitterly) I donít know the answer to that myself.

  • Chapter 10 when Kazuki uses his Numbing Burst on Blanc for the first time at the cost of getting out of his protective position and being stabbed by five icicles.

  • Kazuki outsmarting Xiomara in their battle by using his Numbing Burst when she thought he had used his standard Burst. He deals her the final blow with his Zipping Burst, an ability he swore to never use after the death of Yuu.

  • Blanc has a lot of Awesome Moments during his fight with Akuji.
    • Blanc refusing to back down after Akuji offers to spare his life.
    • Blanc driving his ice arrow into his own leg to snap his body out of the poison's advancing effects.
    • Lastly, when he is visited by Xiomara's spirit which gives him the strength to launch an ice pillar strike on Akuji, killing the demon.

  • The story's final battle between Kazuki and Neo that has the two of them become Air Jousting gods.
    • Kazuki absorbing the departing souls of his two friends to become Cerberus Kazuki, and we learn what each of the three stones of his head represents.
    • Axel and Sherbet encouraging Kazuki from within during his fight with Neo. When charging up his new Raging Burst to put away the demon, he uses three fingers instead of two to represent himself and his friends.
    • The Catharsis Factor of Neo being sent to his own Forever-still Space where he will stay and be judged by the heads of Cerberus for all eternality.

  • Kazuki's new Not Quite Back to Normal appearance and him accepting his racial ambiguity.