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Heartwarming / Cerberus High: Another Story

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • Even if he will no longer be in this world in the end, Eden still fights to save his half-sister Neia and right all of Requiem's wrongs.

  • After overwriting all the pain that Requiem has caused, Eden accepts his fate as he fades away with his head on Rouge’s lap. Throughout, Rouge maintains her aloofness but soon breaks down, causing Eden to try and cheer her up. They wink at each other and the two share a laugh at Rouge’s inability to do a proper wink.
    • After unraveling the flower crown that Eden had left, Rouge is met by her younger adopted brother Rey. She is alarmed when he suddenly doubles over in pain but he quickly rises and directs her attention to an image projected in the sky. The image shows Requiem in his new life with Sapphire who had been reborn as a new person. Rouge comforts Rey who cries happy tears at the realization that Eden hadn't erased Requiem's existence after all. The Bellerose siblings then look to the sky to see a new image projected, this time of Kazuki Akai.