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Tear Jerker / Cerberus High: Another Story

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

Tear Jerker moments in Cerberus High: Another Story.

  • In the opening chapter, Rouge is taken away from her father by her mother. She is only four years old and has no idea what is driving the separation or what will happen to her father and the rest of the archdemons in the years following. All she could do was cry and beg her mother to let her stay, but her pleas went unanswered.

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  • In Chapter 3, it is shown that whoever had killed the seven archdemons had started to turn their rage on anyone tied to them by blood. Seeing that she is Casimir's daughter, Sapphire makes the tough decision of leaving her mother so she would be spared from their murderous wrath. Blair desperately tries to stop her from doing so but Sapphire is adamant about her decision. Her mother begs her to write to her like Casimir did which Sapphire agrees to do before finally leaving. Sapphire stops walking as she finally breaks down and cries but immediately rises to for feet to resume her journey.

  • Sapphire, seeing herself as a bad omen, kills herself in a twisted attempt to prevent all of the murders from continuing. Eden isn't quick enough to stop her, and just as she's about to die in his arms, she exposes her true identity: Rouge Bellerose.

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  • Rouge having to break the news to Eden in Elysium that his hometown had been wiped out in the universe reset and that he isn't supposed to exist. Eden is devastated and Rouge cringes as she is reminded of how crushed Kazuki was when he learned the Awful Truth.

  • Eden's Death. After defeating Requiem, Eden finds himself back in Elysium with his head resting on Rouge's lap as his body starts to fade away from what was left of his legs. Now deaf and mute, Eden telepathically communicates with the demoness and Eden lets his final request to be kissed now, explaining that it would be his first. However, Rouge only kisses him on the forehead as she sees him as a son. After a while, Eden closes his eyes but opens them after feeling Rouge's tears hit his face. Eden tells her not to cry and jokingly winks at her which makes her wink back, albeit terribly and the two share a laugh. Eden disappears, leaving Rouge with the flower crown he wore. Unraveling it, Rouge watches the petals get carried off in the wind and spots a dove that reminds her of Colombe.
    • She is then met by her brother Rey who suddenly doubles over in pain, alarming her. Chucking, Rey slowly rises as he directs her attention to an image projected in the sky, showing Requiem in his new life with Sapphire who had been reborn as a new person. Rouge comforts Rey who cries happy tears at the realization that Eden hadn't erased Requiem's existence after all. The Bellerose siblings then look to the sky to see a new image projected, this time of Kazuki Akai.