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Quotes / Cerberus High: Another Story

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“I can’t stay here any longer if it means that my own mother will have a target on her back. If these ‘people’ are coming to kill me I rather if they kill me alone.”
Sapphire to Blair

“I swore to never get close to another demon ever again. That hanged woman, Nadia Edwards, had nothing to with all this. I might’ve had a purer heart than all the other archdemons, but I still have their blood. All this tragedy will never cease with me around.”
Sapphire to Eden

“The body who I am possessing belongs to no one other than Kazuki Akai, a human from a world paralleling yours. Along with being from another world, this body is from another universe. Specifically, the universe where Rouge died in the mansion along with her father.”
Cerberus to Eden

“Welcome! The name’s Requiem second-generation head of the Viscera Purgers. I assume you’ve come for my head, yes?”
Requiem to Eden

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