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Awesome / Cerberus High: Another Story

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This page contains unmarked spoilers. You Have Been Warned!

  • When Rouge brings Eden outside the mausoleum where all the fallen archdemons from the past and present are waiting for him with their families. With the small piece of Adam’s journal that Rouge was able to salvage, a summoning ritual is performed and Adam’s heart is summoned for Eden to consume.
  • After some reluctance, Eden consumes it and gains the imp’s White Onyx Blade as well as a new phantom arm to wield it.
  • Eden's Ominous Adversarial Amusement after realizing a way to defeat the immortal Requiem. Eden breaks free from the stone zombies' grasp, deaf and a quadruple amputee. His Hot-Blooded-ness doesn't let that stop him as he begins crawling towards the perturb imp on his stumps.
    • When Requiem fires his Crystal: Breacher Palm, time slows down for Eden as he sees a mental image of the Bellerose family photo from the Kazu-verse. Eden evades the beam with ease when time went back to normal and his eyes flash went for a split second as he defeats Requiem with the power of Adam and Kazuki's Hades: Blood Burst. A feeling of Déjà Vu overcomes Eden as he watches Requiem's form disintegrate, causing the Neia and the other purgers trapped in the Tree of Life to be freed.

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