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  • During the Youmacon 18+ panel, someone proposed. Of course, seeing as this was an 18+ panel, they immediately asked someone to ruin it.
  • A nice Call-Back to episode 44 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged. During part 12 of the Budokai 3 videos, during a tournament, Krillan and Future Trunks reminisce about them killing the fetus Cell, and when the match starts they both fire a couple simple Ki blasts at each other while saying, "pew pew" before getting serious.
    • Similarly, at the start of said playthrough, they're all gushing over the scene of all the major cast members in the car on the menu screen (such as Piccolo driving the car, Sixteen with his bird companions, etc.)
  • At their Youmacon 2014 panel, they revealed why they chose to always premier Hellsing Ultimate Abridged episodes at Youmacon: 2009's Youmacon was the first time they all got to meet each other in person, and they felt such an occasion deserved something special for the fans ever since.
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  • When they released History of Trunks Abridged, the normal disclaimer is not used for the introduction. Instead, they have a memorial to Monty Oum.
  • Cheering for Taka when they see his name in the end credits of DBXV.
  • In Part 29 of the Xenoverse LP, the guys briefly gush over how in Dragon Ball Online, Krillin and Tien have restarted the Turtle and Crane Schools. They call it "adorable" and say that they love the idea, since it makes perfect sense for the characters and it's good to see them doing something even long after they were Demoted to Extra by the ever more powerful villains.
    • They also mention Goku's Last Dance in Onlinenote , saying that it's the best and most appropriate curtain call for both him and Vegeta.
  • Two Saiyans Play: Foul Play. For almost the entire set of videos Vegeta and Nappa aren't fighting or bickering; they are just having fun. Nappa asks if Vegeta is having fun and the Prince of all Saiyans readily admits he is enjoying himself. Considering many of their play throughs (or just interactions in general) are them mocking/fighting each other, it is great to hear the two of them just goofing around having fun.
  • Recently, TFS's Youtube account had been hit with a number of copyright strikes, forcing the channel to shut down. Within a day, however, the account came back with most of the videos intact. As a result of this sudden return, TFS left this message for its followers on their Twitter.
    • For that matter, deciding to host Yu-Gi-Oh!Abridged after LittleKuriboh started having too much trouble with copyright strikes.
  • During one of the Nuzlocke episodes, Lani explains how he met his wife. He was working in a movie theatre when a mutual friend came in with her. She liked his jokes.
    • In a later one, he talked about a couple that met on the site's forum.
  • The team has recently been putting up videos of them opening fan mail and the thought people put into the gifts they send really help show their appreciation for what the group does, and the reactions to the gifts are great as well.
    • Not only that but many people have written letters talking about how TFS' content has helped them deal with issues such as depression or the loss of loved ones, and it just warms the heart to hear how the laughter the gang has created over the years has helped so many.
  • Thanks to the Patreon, the team was able to open a proper production studio for them to work in. If you check out the public Facebook page, it has a ton of pictures of them downing champagne with members of the team, prominent cosplayers, and even Chris Sabat himself. It also doubled as a birthday party for KaiserNeko and it's adorable to see him drunkenly diving into the cake.
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  • In Part 9 of the Corona Blossom Vol 1 play-through, Taka admits that being a member of Team Four Star (and acting in general) has helped him come out of his shell and express himself.
  • During their infamous NEIZU VS NAIL AND KRILLIN fight in Raging Blast 2. When they come to the conclusion that when Taka begins to talk, Kirran seems to be doing better. During one of his random tirades he begins to talk about how he has a problem of making Long-term connections but refers to TFS as one of the longest connections he's ever had, and he states he's very thankful for that.
  • Almost the entirety of the Top 10: Games We're Thankful For video, especially Kirran's number 1 spot.
  • Taka and Zito's playthrough of the demo of Kickstarter game Harem Protagonist ended up signal boosting it to the point where it achieved all of its stretch goals. The game's creator ended up thanking them for exposing his game to a wider audience.
  • As the beginning of the Pokémon Soul Silver Nuzlocke, they predicted they'd mock Mr. Stake for being the weakest starter but would probably grow to love him as the playthrough went on. Despite their best efforts and some close calls, Mr. Stake indeed proved unkillable and proved his worth. He ends up finishing off Lakigr's last Pokemon in the final battle and Lani makes sure a Chikorita plushie is the last thing seen as the video fades out.
    • This fanart piece shows it best. Awwwww!
      • It really exemplifies one of the most infamous effects a Nuzlocke challenge can have on a person: Giving you a new appreciation for Pokemon you previously saw as The Scrappy.
    • The final livestream for the SS Nuzlocke—Tantor's saga ends with him being sung to sleep by Mr. Stake after Slowmara is finally put to rest.
  • In Fallout 4 the guys pretty much had no problem with getting rid of anyone that got in their way or if it would result in an easy victory for them. All... except Kent, the ghoul that started the Silver Shroud quest. Not only do they reload their save (a rarity for them) to ensure he lives when they accidentally get him killed (and had gone on a killing spree in the bad ending to avenge him) but when Kent is sad and thinking of quitting they give him a pep talk. In the end Kent ended up being one of the few characters they actually treated with respect and as a friend.
  • When they guys spent a couple of hours streaming their playthrough of Dragonball Xenoverse 2, they decided not to immediately recreate Dumplin, their character from their first game, but came up with Puddin, a female Maijin they declared to be Dumplin's daughter. She was only meant to be used for the stream, but fan response was so positive - provoking a barrage of fanart while they were playing - that they reconsidered, and now they're using Puddin for their official playthrough. Which makes the game's Previous Player Character Cameos all the sweeter, since it's the legendary Demon God Dumplin checking in on his little girl.
    • A lot of the things they say about Puddin and Dumplin's daughter/father relationship.
  • At the end of the first part of their playthrough of Xenoverse 2, there's a scene where Puddin is standing proudly in front of the Elder Kai and the Supreme Kai of Time, Dumplin's statue at her back. It looks like something out of an anime, of a young heroine travelling in the steps of her beloved hero father.
    • The guys immediately declare that Puddin is their granddaughter and go full Papa Wolf when she gets hit.
    • Part 3 has a moment where Dumplin shows up, and the TFS crew starts screaming in joy. In addition, they imply that the real reason Dumplin shows up was to check up on his little girl.
    • When going over fanart, they mention that some of their favorites based on Puddin are the ones where she's with her whole family, not just Dumplin. That's right, Dumplin, Towa, and Mira—for a short time, at least—were a happy family, and the guys love that.
    • After noticing how many of Gohan/The Great Saiayman's special moves have a bird motif, they decide Android 16 had a real impact on him.
  • In a strange meta sense: During the Xenoverse LP, fans suggested that Dumplin was the younger version of Abridged Mr. Popo. TFS not only ran with it, but took it a step further, saying that Dumplin had so much fun interacting with Goku, Vegeta, and the others that after he became a Demon God, he created a copy of the Dragon Ball universe so he could hang out with all his friends (with a few changes and differences resulting from his mis-remembering events). That's right, the Abridged universe was created by Dumplin out of his love for the original Dragon Ball universe. According to Kaiser, the members of the team have decided that this is the official, canonical explanation for the existence of DBZ Abridged.
  • Kirran and Grant creating Frogurt, the child of Puddin and Cooler from future and the entire reason why he came back: to warn his family that something bad may happen and he came to the past to prevent it from happening to his parents and grandparents. It goes to show that despite having all evil grandparents (Dumplin/Popo, Towa and King Cold), he still lives on his grandfather and mother's legacies as a hero.
    • And before that, there have been multiple pieces of fanart of Frogurt as a baby. Awwww!
    • Then there's this bit of fanart that shows Frogurt, her parents, and her grandfathers. Yes, this does mean it's a picture that has King Cold being a grandpa and it is adorable.
  • For their 2016 DBcember list the guys specified that, due to Dragon Ball Super not being completed at the time of the videos recording, they couldn't add any villains from Super on the list. However they made a separate video talking about Super's villains, and arcs, individually and pointing out a lot of the moments that they find really awesome about the show. For fans of Super who get annoyed whenever the guys rag on the show (especially Kirran who is very vocal about his dislike for certain moments) it's very gratifying to see a video where the guys admit that they only give it a hard time because they legitimately love it and like seeing it meet their expectations.
  • Any time the team gushes over the fan art sent to them.
  • Kirran choosing the spare the Brain of Mensis after making contact with it and getting the Moon Rune from it. Given they kill everything else, even benevolent NPCs, it's touching he spared it because he'd wanted to 'contact aliens' for awhile.
  • At the end of the Moon Nuzlocke, after losing nearly everyone on-hand except Sito and GUNBEAK upon defeating Lakigr's team, the boys decide to breed Sito and GUNBEAK to cap off the story before they wonder trade their dead (and the trash). Sito and GUNBEAK become the proud parents of a baby Pikipek whom the guys name "VICTORY".
  • Team Four Star's Let's Play of Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Sayians ends up having one for Yamcha, of all people. Despite initially mocking him at the start, once they see how much damage he can do, they start to actively trying to keep him in the party at all times. They end up having so much fun with it, they start joking that Yamcha is the real hero in Dragon Ball Z and that Goku is there trying to take all the credit. They even try and succeed at having Yamcha solo the Bonus Boss Broly. Yeah, it's all Played for Laughs of course. And yet there's something undeniably nice about seeing the guys being so nice and positive about Yamcha, considering that in every other Dragon Ball thing they do, they regularly mock him and play up his Memetic Loser status.
  • In late August of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit the coastal parts of Texas, and Houston was affected greatly. While TFS' office is located away from the disaster, they decided to help their fellow statesmen out. How? By doing a charity stream for Save the Children, which will raise money for those affected by the storm who don't have food, water, or supplies. For them, this literally hits close to home, and they want to help.
  • During the Krillin Plays of The Evil Within 2, Krillin ends up adopting a very paternal attitude towards the protagonist's daughter Lily, getting very invested in finding and protecting her, praising her cleverness during flashbacks that show her escaping from the villains, things like that. It makes the playthrough take on a charming personal tone, and it's a nice Call-Forward to Krillin's love for his actual daughter Marron later on in DBZ.
  • The 3 halves of the worlds greatest detective honest-to-god cheering during the finale of season 2, episode 4 of Batman: The Telltale Series, as they watch John legitimately arrest Harley, refuse to hand over the virus to Waller and seem, in general, to make the turn to good.
    Grant: That's actually not where I thought that was gonna go at all!
    Ben: Yes!
    Kirran: (joyful) Holy shit!
    John: Bruce taught me how to be good, Harley. In a way you never could.
    • Even better, this appears to be a complete surprise to them. They had been playing the game, jokingly attempting to ship Bruce and John, and acting as though they don't think his turn into the Joker is inevitable. And then those same actions redeem, at least partially, one of the worst villains in fiction history.
    • When John asks if Bruce ever thought of them as a friend before the button even prompts it they whisper that they still do and Kirran INSTANTLY hits "YES", saying there was no other choice.
  • In the final Xenoverse 2 DLC, the guys become quite fond of Fu thanks to his quirky, friendly nature and his amusing dialog. When Dabura reveals that Fu is Towa and Mira's genetic son they're ecstatic and immediately declare him to be Puddin's "bro-sin" (brother + cousin) and talk about how happy they are to have him as part of the family.
  • Lanipator has adopted a dog and named him Mr. Stake.
  • The stream where they premiered episode 60 of Dragon Ball Z Abridged ended with all three of the hosts nearly in tears at the support and encouragement and love they had gotten from their community despite the year long wait. And then they took it a step further by hosting a friend of theirs who only had 8 viewers watching (heymrrabbit) and bombing him with support and kindness, at one point he mentions through tears that the consistently low turnout had been making him consider rounding out the year and stopping his streaming career to just go work in a factory. TFS' show of encouragement, the follows, the subs, the cheers, left him in tears because he had in the span of 10 minutes become a successful streamer, they literally changed the man's life.

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