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Heartwarming / SuperLPHeroes

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  • The group is very nice to Lady Lexis and talk her through her very first run of Super Metroid as much as they can during the race rather than rib her for going into the game blind.
  • Sinisterkun talking about how, despite how much his wife trolls him, he still loves her.
  • Lady Lexis telling Dyne, "Dude, you have a voice that is made of honey," at the end of Super Metroid and he, not being used to being complimented on his voice work, is a bit dumbfounded.
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  • Dyne wanting to do another video of Super Metroid so CaptainTurbo could finish the game as part of his Took a Level in Badass, though the group decides not to do so given the standings were already cemented.
  • The brief tribute to Robin Williams during the Hook race.
    • Dyne also having a hell of a lot of fun quoting the movie and declaring it a personal favorite.

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