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  • Leonard the poodle immediately changing the classical music in his home to "Bounce" by System of a Down which he and his friends rock out to.
    • And the Brick Joke of this scene: At the end of the movie, Leonard has "Party Hard" by Andrew W.K. playing during a big party.
  • Chloe's amusement over the "stupid dogs" going crazy over the ball, until Sweet Pea distracts her with a laser pointer.
  • Some of the pets going "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!" to a dog drinking out of a toilet bowl. Then as the other dogs cheer for his new record, the dog slips and falls into the toilet.
  • Gidget's prompting to take action and find Max? Her favorite telenovela's current episode, which, in true melodramatic fashion, has the heroine encouraged to rescue her true love.
    • It gets better. She heroically rushes out the window...only to plummet and land onto an awning, which launches her at Chloe's apartment window and spooks the fat cat. At least she was able to walk it off.
    • The telenovela itself is... very melodramatic. And Gidget joins in:
    Female actor: [Bursting into a room with much flouncing] Why?! Why?!?!
    Gidget: What's the matter, Maria?
    Male actor: Maria! Your face! It wears a thousand sorrows! What is wrong?!?!?!
    Female actor: [More flouncing] Oh, I have come face to face with the worst thing in the world!
    Gidget: [Getting really into it] What? Oh, tell me Maria! Tell me now! I CANNOT BEAR ANOTHER MOMENT WITHOUT KNOWING!
    Female actor: [Yet more flouncing] Loneliness!
    Male actor: [Gasp!!]
    Gidget: [Gasp!!]
  • The utterly gleeful expression on Snowball's face when Max and Duke tell him that they killed their owner in order for them to be saved.
    • Also, Max's reaction to the "killed our owners" lie, initially dithering over whether that's a little too much before realizing that Snowball and friends are impressed and quickly deciding to roll with it.
    • Also, this:

  • Tiberius's Imagine Spot with he and Gidget becoming best friends and flying all over the city together. Which leads to divebombing a hapless squirrel while sharing in maniacal laughter. Ah, friendship.
  • Gidget's introduction to Tiberius. It is nakedly, obviously, hilariously apparent how ominous and dangerous and sinister Tiberius is, from his beckoning her to his "dark and foreboding shed", to his description of Gidget as "sweet" but also with "a salty, game-y thing going on" (Gidget, cheerfully: "Yeah, that's me!"), to his encouraging her to cross to him over a large pile of bones ("Pile of bones. Okay, will do!") to his inability to stop openly referring to her as "food". All of which completely fails to register with sweet, innocent, naive Gidget.
    Gidget: I am sure lucky I found you! Uh...
    Tiberius: Tiberius. And yes, this is a very good thing for you, this whole 'meeting me' thing.
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  • In the middle of his power walk while Guillermo is taking him out, Max stops to twerk at a couple of on-looking lady dogs.
  • As Guillermo the dog walker walks all the dogs (sans Max & Duke) out of the park, Mel and Buddy watch a scruffy Willaimsburg-hipster use a plastic stick contraption to throw a ball for his dog as he's talking on his iPhone.
    Mel: Sheesh, did you see that?
    Buddy: Yep, I saw it!
    Mel: Throw it with your arm, you lazy weirdo!
    Buddy: I would not fetch that. I'm old-school.
    • Before that, the scene of the dog on a retractable leash trying to walk up to and talk to some other dogs, only to be repeatedly pulled back by his inattentive owner.
  • Gidget having Tiberius bring Ozone, who saw Max disappear, to her, and she begins beating said cat up while demanding to know where Max is.
    Ozone: (to Tiberius, who is watching Gidget beat him up) Help me!
    Gidget: Don't look at him, look at me!
    • There's also Tiberius' comment on Ozone right before Gidget starts beating Ozone up:
    Tiberius: He's too stupid to talk, and too ugly to eat.
    • And before that as Tiberius is holding Ozone off the edge of the building
    Tiberius: You're gonna tell us where Max is, and you're gonna tell us now!
    Ozone: Is this supposed to scare me? I'm a cat, I land on my feet.
    Tiberius: Does that always happen? Because your head looks like it's taken a lot of landings.
    • Gidget gets so into slapping Ozone around that for a period she doesn't actually let him say what she wants to hear.
  • Buddy asks Pops how he's doing. Pop's response is a hilarious combination of Deadpan Snarker and Grumpy Old Man:
    Buddy: Hey, Pops, how you been, old timer?
    Pops: Paralyzed.
    (moment of awkward silence)
    Gidget: (forced cheerfulness) ...Great!
  • When the search party is heading towards the sewers, Pops heads into a plastic chute that leads to the bottom of a building. Every other pet follows him down the tube aside from Tiberius, who rolls his eyes and flies down to the bottom. When he gets to the bottom, Tiberius is smirking to himself and then hears the pets screaming. He looks up, and the camera pans back to reveal he's standing directly beneath the end of the tube. Cue "Oh, Crap!" look from Tiberius right before all the pets proceed to land atop of him, with Norman landing atop the pile while smiling happily.
    • Before this there's a funny scene scene that becomes even funnier via Fridge Logic: The party is descending on a gantry while screaming, aside from Pops who is quiet. The Fridge Logic is that Tiberius AND Sweet Pea, a hawk and a budgie who can both fly, are on the gantry with everyone else.
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    • Also, in the previously-mentioned plastic chute scene, Sweetpea is seen flying inside the chute. Okay, so he, at least, should be safe from hitting anything ... except he's desperately flapping to hasten his descent, because big fat Chloe is tumbling down the tube right behind him, and will squash him if he doesn't maintain his lead!
  • Passing through the dog-walker's apartment on their way to the sewer entrance, the gang not only strut right past where he's asleep on the couch, but they steal his pizza piece by piece and Chloe steps on his groin. Serves him right for not even noticing he'd lost two of his charges at the dog park.
  • When one of the pets complains about the smell going into the sewers:
    Pops: That's poo-poo with a dash of caca.
  • Max and Duke's trip to a sausage factory... which eventually becomes a Willy Wonka-esque borderline acid trip sequence with sausages singing "We Go Together". It makes sense in context... sort of.
  • The Viper's death. First, he gets crushed by some falling ceiling debris, but emerges unscathed. Then he gets crushed by a larger pile of debris. And then a huge chunk of brick wall, which then spontaneously catches fire. All while the Flushed Pets gasp louder and louder each time.
    • Snowball grieving over Viper's death. And eventually saying that he probably deserved to die!.
  • Gidget becoming a one-bitch army on the Brooklyn Bridge to take down the Flushed Pets and save Max, who can only stare, dumbstruck.
  • After Snowball crashes a bus and Max gets him out, he's confronted by the Flushed Pets, who believe that Max hurt Snowball. In an attempt to show that he didn't hurt Snowball, Max urges Snowball to do something. Snowball says, "That raccoon's lying. He ain't the president!" before collapsing, making a bad situation worse.
  • Buddy repurposing a mixer to get a massage.
    • In fact, pretty much the entire trailer.
  • The fact that Sweatpea's owner looks really mean.
  • "I feel heroic! And handsome! I'm a little wet, but I still look good!"
  • At Pops' apartment, Chloe gets her head stuck on a mailing tube. As she struggles to get it off, she gets caught in a treadmill and gets launched into the dishwasher, after which she sails across the food table, getting covered in punch and cheese puffs. And gets cupcakes stuck to all four feet as she staggers around, disoriented.
    • It gets worse for her (and funnier for us) when, as they follow Pops to the sewer, she sees a video of it being broadcast on the Times Square Jumbotron as the YouTube pick of the day.
    Chloe: (tries blocking the screen, to no avail) Stop it! Look away!
  • When Chloe is rallying the other pets to help Gidget find Max, she mentions that Max once saved Sweetpea from a "random cat", only for the other dogs to point out that she was the one trying to eat Sweetpea that time.
    Chloe: The identity of the random cat doesn't matter!
  • Pops nicknames the members of Max's Search Party as "Puffball" (Gidget), "Squash-Face" (Mel), "Weiner Dog" (Buddy), "Yellow Bird" (Sweetpea), "Eagle-Eye" (Tiberius), "Guinea Pig Joe" (Norman), and "my girlfriend Rhonda" (Chloe). Tiberius is the only one who gets a flattering, cool nickname. The fact that Tiberius immediately straightens up as he takes notice and shoots a smug grin with condescending nod to Buddy, next to him looking unamused, is hilarious.
    Chloe: (sighs) 100% wrong.
    • Note that Norman is absolutely tickled pink to be called "Guinea Pig Joe". Granted, Norman likes everybody and everything, including the hawk that snatched him up to eat him and the Flushed Pets that were out to kill him and his friends.
  • Whenever Snowball mentions Ricky, Taps plays. And when they're in the sewers and Snowball grieves the Viper and mentions that he and Ricky are both in a better place, Taps plays, this time with a cut away to a mugshot of Ricky.
  • The animal party is cleared out by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Max and Duke are on the run from the Flushed Pets. They come to the end of a tunnel.
    Duke: We've got a problem!
    Max: We have so many problems! Which one do you mean at this moment?
    (looks down to see a large shaft where many other tunnels drain into a pool of water far below)
    (The Flushed Pets gain on the dogs)
    Snowball: Stop running, dummies! Stop it right now!
    Duke: Hold your breath!
    Max: Hold my breath? AAH! (Duke kicks him into the water, then dives after him)
    • After escaping the Flushed Pets in the sewers, Max and Duke get launched into the river.
    Duke: C'mon! We gotta get to shore!
    Max: I only know the doggy paddle! And I don't know it well!
    Duke: Swim, Tiny Dog, swim!
    • Duke manages to climb onto a the boat's platform while Max is desperately trying to keep up with no avail. Duke throws a life preserver attached to a rope to Max, and as Max struggles to grab the ring...
    Duke: Max, grab the ring!
    Max: I can't!
    Duke: Keep it up, Max! You're doing... Well, you're not doing great. But you're not drowning, and that's something!
    • Then after Duke manages to get Max onto the ferry.
    Max: Thanks, Duke.
    Duke: Don't mention it.
    Max: Next stop, home!
    Duke: Isn't home that way? (They float away from the city)
    Max: Seriously?
  • Max and Duke discuss the idea of dogs being descended from wolves, but Max isn't so sure...
    Max: Maybe the legend of dogs coming from wolves is... it's just wrong. I mean, like, maybe one puppy asked his mom "where do we come from?" and the mom said "woof!" and the kid was like, "Oh wolves," and she was like, "Yeah, fine."
  • The Mid-Credit Stinger Mel (dressed as a Minion), Buddy (dressed as a Bar-ba-loot), Snowball and the Flushed Pets all join the party at Leonard's house.
    Snowball: Welcome, my dogs! Oh, you guys look weird! Oh, well. Hurry up, come on in!
    Buddy: You said it was a costume party!
    Mel: Why do you listen to me?
    • And when the owner comes home early, Leonard changes the music back to classical music, EVERYONE scatters, and is mostly successful at covering up the party... until Tattoo and the chandelier fall from the ceiling.
  • In "All About the Pets" from the special features, Eric Stonestreet (Duke) and Kevin Hart (Snowball) spend time with a naturist so that they can get to know animals. However, the naturist keeps bringing out really cute and cuddly animals for Eric to hold, including a fluffy kitten, a chick, a bunny, a chinchilla and a puppy. Meanwhile, Kevin is presented (and tries to stay far away from) a hairless and evil looking Sphynx cat, a spiny hedgehog, a giant lizard, a tarantula and a Burmese python.
  • When the Flushed Pets are storming the bridge after Max and Snowball, a lot of tarantulas swarm over a car with a family inside. The parents in the front seat are shrieking in terror. The kids in the backseat couldn't be more thrilled.
  • Gidget's Rousing Speech gets a bit... species-superior, leading to this response:
    Gidget: We are not just giving up! We're dedicated, we're loyal, we're easily the greatest pet ever — we're dogs!
    Chloe: Cat.
    Tiberius: Hawk.
    Sweetpea: (squeak)!
    Gidget: Today you're dogs whether you like it or not!
    Tiberius: Sweet.

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