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The eagle/hawk shown in trailer #2 will become someone's pet by the end of the film, if it's not already.
Why not? It just seems like a obvious "twist."
  • Confirmed. Tiberius is introduced as someone's pet. At the end of the film he's shown nuzzling up to his owner.

At some point in the sequel it will be revealed that Gidget is pregnant.
It does seem that change will be a theme in the second film, Max becoming a parent would be a good way to express that theme.
  • Implied to be Jossed. It was Max who taught Buddy and Mel how to sit comfortably after being neutered, which Max probably couldn't do if he wasn't neutered himself. Even if Gidget is pregnant, it won't be by Max.

Either Max or Duke will attempt a Heroic Sacrifice to save the other.
They won't die, but there may be a Disney Death moment and it'll be the biggest tearjerker of the film.
  • Confirmed. Max tries rescuing Duke from the dog pound truck, only for it to fall into the Manhattan river. Then, as they are both about to drown, they are saved by Snowball.

Gidget has a crush on Max
Thus she is moving heaven and earth to find him. Why else would she?

Snowball will pull a Heel–Face Turn
He'll realize his evil plans were pointless and will become good after spending time with the heroes, and he may even be adopted by the end.
  • Confirmed. He gets adopted by a small girl at the end and ends up being very happy about it.

Snowball will have a tragic backstory
Snowball was probably abandoned by his former owners, which led him to exact Misplaced Retribution on other pets.
  • Confirmed. He used to be a magician's rabbit as part of the "Rabbit in the Hat" trick. When rabbit tricks went out of style, his owner quit stage magic and abandoned him.

Snowball will have a Disney Villain Death
It is also possible that Snowball will not turn good, but instead cross the line, and tries to murder either Max and Duke when it is clear they want no part in his plans. After which, he'll be done in by a flaw he overlooked in his nefarious scheme, like a malfunctioning machine, or one of his lackeys who was appalled by his actions, or got tired of his abuse.

Max is going to learn about The Power of Friendship
Max is probably a loner, since he only wants to spend time with Katie. Gidget and other animals will remark about how Max has zero interest in building personal bonds. Gidget herself has tried to befriend Max. This was also the reason Katie bought Duke, and in trying to get home, Max will build a lifelong friendship with Duke.
  • Confirmed

Max and Duke are microchipped
  • Katie strikes me as a fairly responsible dog owner and it is becoming more and more commonplace for dog owners to microchip their pets as a precaution against them getting lost. This especially applies to Duke, as Katie got him from a shelter and many shelters have started microchipping adoptees as a matter of course. Even if Max and Duke had been taken to the pound, Animal Control would have quickly found their microchips and contacted Katie. But, of course, if that had happened, there would have been no movie, no bonding between Max and Duke, and no Character Development.
  • Also, the movie takes place over the span of a single day : Katie never knew Max and Duke got lost.

The butterfly that Duke chased when he got loose...
  • It was Fred's spirit as he died in his sleep that night. Duke did eat it but it's less sad than to think that Fred woke up the next morning to discover that Duke was gone.

The other animals don't understand Sweetpea because he speaks in human words.
Parakeets can be taught to speak. It's possible that the other animals no longer have a clue what he's saying because he defaults to that instead of the shared animal tongue.

why are Max and Duke adversarial in one moment then helping each other the next?
They're Amplified Animal Aptitude cartoon animals, but:
  • Dogs are pack animals and very loyal to their pack. Instinct beats intelligence when you're a talking dog.


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