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  • In the Mario Bootlegs videos, one of the games starts randomly playing the "Jeopardy!" Thinking Music, much to his surprise. Even better, it happens again over the "THE END" screen.
  • The increasingly ridiculous rom-hacks Jeff covers in the first "Super Mario 64 Hacks" video, culminating in a hack that replaces everything with Toad, from Mario himself to the textures to even the music.
    (after exiting a level with a star) Ha ha ha ha, ha AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • If the jumpscares don't annoy you throughout the video, "CREEPY SONIC GAMES" may as well be one of the funniest SpaceHamster videos. Jeff basically criticizes those so-called "creepy" (fan) games and references some of the video game-related Creepypasta clichés like "protagonist trapped in a cursed video game" and use of certain video game music/sounds often categorized as creepy/unsettling.
  • The beginning of the Hotel Mario video has him talking to good ol' Peebs about what to play with him with PBG saying nothing but Yeah over and over only to decide on Hotel Mario.
    • Later on, during the Morton Boss Battle, their reaction to discovering a rather horrific way for Mario to die (if Mario and Morton both go on elevators going to each other, Morton eats Mario)
    Jeff: D-Did he just-
    PBG: Yep...
  • In the introduction to WEIRD WARIO GAMES, Jeff starts out with a literal Wario Dating Sim, and he starts freaking out.
    Jeff: No! Wario, no! Noooo! Don’t laugh like that! NOO- *Smash Cut to title*
    • Jeff fanboying over a fan game called Super Wario World.
    Jeff: Oh man! That’s like my favorite game, Super Mario World! Oh my God! Oh my F***ing God!
  • In WALUIGI GAMES, Jeff says that Tennis would be a good starting point for a fan game...before the fan game ‘Waluigi Blockade’ appears on screen, with rather loud music.
    • Jeff running into a dragon in an RPG Maker game called ‘Super Wario Bros.’ His purpose for being there...
    Dragon: Actually, I am guarding the entryway to the airport. Can’t have anybody use a plane without a passport, we don’t want another 9/11 to happen…
    Jeff: Uhh...Uhh...Uhh... *Turns into a Stupid Statement Dance Mix*
  • BB-8 near the end of Star Wars HACKS & BOOTLEGS explodes in absurdity after Jeff encounters “Anekin’s true rival, Professional Boxer.”
    • Jeff at the end asks BB-8 if it learned anything new today, before remembering he exploded.
  • Hammy going along with the odd music in a Harry Potter Bootleg in Harry Potter BOOTLEGS. He later finds out that this was a hack of McDonald's Global Gladiator, and sees the part where Ronald McDonald teleported two kids into a different world to become a gladiator.
    Jeff!Hagrid: You’re a gamer, Hammy!
    Jeff: (Crying) WHO ARE YOU!?
    • Hammy going crazy when the last Harry Potter bootleg abruptly ends with “END.”
    *Points tip of his wand to his head*
  • The entirety of the Breath of the Wild Modding/Hacking video, with some stand-out moments being Waluigi toting around a shield that looks like Wario's head, Hinox being replaced with Shrek, and the Paraglider being replaced by Buzz Lightyear when you play as Woody.
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  • The Toad Fan-Games Video. Every last minute.
  • While modding Mario Kart 8, he briefly parodies Pimp My Ride, insulting a teddy bear car and pimping Andross' kart by turning it into Lightning McQueen.
    Pimp!Hammy: What are you gonna do with that? Drive that? On the road? You kiddin' me? You might as well drive that off a cliff! Naw, man!


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