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Funny / Shrek Forever After

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  • "Do the roar."
  • When Shrek is trying to figure out how to convince Fiona that he's her husband:
    Donkey: Just tell her what you told me. You know, that you're her true love, and you came from an alternate universe!
    Shrek: Oh, while I'm at it, why don't I tell you that you're married to a fire-breathing dragon and have mutant dragon/donkey babies?
    Donkey: (overjoyed) I do?! [...] I'm a daddy?!
    • "Hey, Shrek! Are my babies cute, or do they make people feel uncomfortable?"
  • Shrek explaining to Fiona what had happened to him up until that point, ending it all with, "And then my donkey fell down your waffle hole."
  • "Try Lou's Bliss!" (Donkey does origami on the form to look for the answer. The real answer is the old standby of "true love's kiss" but Donkey folds it wrong and ends up with this phrase instead. He then asks, "Who's Lou?")
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  • The entire "Shake Your Groove Thang" scene. Shrek dancing with Fiona even as they argue is hilarious.
  • Rumpelstiltskin using a deep voice.
  • Pinocchio trying to pass Geppetto as Shrek. Rumpel doesn't buy it for an instant.
    Rumpel: That is your father painted green!
    Pinocchio: No! It's Shrek! Honest!
    (Pinocchio's nose grows so long it pokes Rumpel in the eye)
    Rumpel: OW! Take them away!
  • Puss in the alternate universe is much fatter, lazier and also lives in a fancy house. When they meet...
    Puss: "Feed me if you dare!"
    Shrek: "Puss? What's happened to you? You got so fa... [Puss gives him a look] fancy!"
    • And later, when he argues with Donkey.
      Donkey: "Man, you are a cat-astrophe!"
      Puss: "And you are re-donkey-lous!"
  • Rumplestiltskin's wigs, including his 'business' wig and his 'angry' wig.

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