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Funny / Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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For the first film, see here.

  • The antics of Daffy. Even when he unknowingly kills many of his brethren.
    • Then there's the antics of the real Daffy Duck.
      Daffy: (during the end credits) You're still lurking about? Don't you people have homes?
  • The talk show interview with Brain Gremlin.
    Grandpa Fred: Creature, what is it that you want?
    Brain: Fred, what we want is, I think, what everyone wants, and what you and your viewers have: civilization.
    Grandpa Fred: Yes, but what sort of civilization are you speaking of?
    Brain: The niceties, Fred. The fine points: diplomacy, compassion, standards, manners, tradition... that's what we're reaching toward. Oh, we may stumble along the way, but civilization, yes. The Geneva Convention, chamber music, Susan Sontag. Everything your society has worked so hard to accomplish over the centuries, that's what we aspire to; we want to be civilized. (a silly Gremlin with a beanie cap acts goofy next to Brain) I mean, you take a look at this fellow here. (BLAMMO!) Now, was that civilized? No, clearly not. Fun, but in no sense civilized. Now, bear in mind, none of us has been in New York before. There are the Broadway shows - we'll have to find out how to get tickets. There's also a lot of street crime, but I believe we can watch that for free. We want the essentials. Dinettes. Complete bedroom groups. Convenient credit, even though we've been turned down in the past...
    • Hell, pretty much everything the Brain Gremlin says!
      I... wanna… talk a little bit about what's going on in this room, because I think there are some fascinating ramifications here for the future.
      When you introduce genetic material of research quality to a life form such as ours, which is possessed of a sort of a… I hesitate to use the word "atavism," but let us say a highly aggressive nature... for example, that fellow over near the, um… I believe it’s a common bat of the order Chiroptera — the only mammals, I might add, capable of true flight.
      Ah, genetic sunblock! Yes.
      Might I have a brief word with you?
      My friend, you have… potential. I want to help you be all that you can be, may I? As I’m sure you’re aware, sunlight poses a problem for our… um… ethnic group. We don’t tan, we don’t burn. Frankly, we just become a rather unappetizing sort of photochemical leftover. Thus, this formula, specially designed for those of the… nocturnal persuasion, to make bright light no problem whatever! That will be of crucial usefulness where you’ll be going.
      There it is, the Apple, the city so nice they named it twice. Check it out, one time, won’t you?
    • At which point the Bat Gremlin busts straight through the nearest wall, leaving a hole in the shape of the Bat-Symbol.
    • His brief stint in the building's stock market department:
      Random gremlins: BUY! SELL! BUY! SELL!
      Brain: Yes, I'd say it's a full scale panic! Are you having a run on the bank sir, yet? Well, it's rather brutal here. We're advising our clients to put everything they've got into canned food and shotguns!
  • Most of everything Greta says.
    "What a hunk!"
    "Oh, why can't you commit?!"
  • A particularly well-suited Shout-Out as the Gremlins melt and die:
  • "ACID: DO NOT THROW IN FACE". Leading to the inevitable Andrew Lloyd Webber reference.
  • Leonard Maltin's cameo, where he condemns the first movie and is mocked and attacked by three Gremlins.
    • Add to that as Leonard is talking, one of the Gremlins mocks his voice as he reviews the film.
    "I was just kidding! A ten! It's a ten!"
  • Electric Gremlin being trapped in the phone system, on hold - and screams in terror and pain when forced to constantly listen to Muzak. ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head", appropriately.)
  • Trapped in the elevator, Kate asks for the alarm to sound. Nearby Gremlins respond by making buzzing noises.
  • The Gremlins interrupting the movie to perform shadow puppets and then show another movie ("Nudie! Nudie! Nudie!"). The manager of the movie theater asks Hulk Hogan to handle it ("Gremlins? In this theater?!")
    "Okay, you guys, listen up! People paid good money to see this movie! When they go out to a theater they want cold sodas, hot popcorn, and no monsters in the projection booth! Do I have to come up there myself? (cue Wrestler Shirt Rip) Do you think the Gremsters can stand up to the Hulkster? Well, if I were you, I'd run the rest of Gremlins 2! Right now! Sorry, folks, it won't happen again."
    • The VHS versionnote  has them change the viewer's television to a Western, and get encountered by John Wayne instead. He then tells them to go back to their own movie. They disobey, and it briefly switches to what's supposedly an airing of the Looney Tunes short Falling Hare, with Bugs Bunny saying "Hey, I bet that was... Say, do you think that... could that have been a gremlin?" The Western comes back on, and John Wayne successfully guns them down.
    "Well, I warned 'em. I don't need varmints on my ranch, and you folks don't need them in your TV sets. Let's start that movie up again."
  • Lenny constantly knocking George down with random heavy objects and the annoyed grunts and looks George gives him.
  • When the building's fire alarm gets pulled:
    Alarm-voice: Fire: The Untamed Element, Oldest of Man's Mysteries, Giver of Warmth, Destroyer of Forests! Right Now This Building is on Fire!
    Woman in corridor: What?
    Alarm-voice: Yes! The Building is on Fire! Leave the Building! Enact the Age-Old Drama of Self-Preservation!
  • Fred: Hey, Billy! The building is completely screwed up today!
    Billy: Yeah, we know!
    Fred: (chuckles to himself) Sure. You're young. You know everything.
  • One Gremlin while Mr. Futterman is spraying water on the Gremlins is in a bathtub singing, "Singing in the bathtub, la la la la la!"
    • The first Gremlin Mr. Futterman sprays with the hose is Brain Gremlin himself, right at the crescendo.
      Brain: New York, NeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwSPLAT!
  • At the end Gizmo is calling out, "MTV! HBO!" and other cable channels, because, according to Billy, Gizmo heard he has a cable subscription.
  • Clamp hires Fred as his nightly news anchor, but advises him to lose the Grandpa Munster outfit. Fred's first story? What does a menswear makeover cost in Manhattan today.
  • In climax, Billy starts assigning everyone their appointed jobs in defeating the monsters. Then he comes to Marla:
    Billy: Marla... smoke.
    Marla: (enthusiastically lights up)
  • The "making of" mockumentary, viewable on the DVD and here, has no real behind the scenes information, and instead includes most of the cast giving perfect deadpan interviews describing how the Gremlins, led by Gizmo himself, have completely taken over the movie's production.
  • Kate going into a Heroic BSoD over hearing about Lincoln's Birthday — because a man dressed as Lincoln exposed himself to her on that holiday. Also Billy physically dragging her off-camera as she launches into this story. The mass eye rolling sells the moment, especially Mr. Futterman who probably heard all of her stories as Billy did.
    • The novelization version of the scene has Billy mentally noting to himself that he knows it has to be as messed up as the story about her hating Christmas and so he doesn't want to hear it, a reference to one of the bleaker scenes from the first film.
      • For that matter the whole scene with Lincoln in the movie, serves as a humorous call-back to the Santa/dad speech from the first movie which was infamous for how the audience thought the scene was tonally weird at what it was supposed to be.
    • It's also worth noting that when this scene happens, you can very clearly see Billy (or rather Zach Callison) trying hard not to smile or laugh.
  • Forster is stuck in the upper floor of the building when Greta appears in wedding gown and you hear the Gremlins rendition of the wedding march. Forster, after a minute, gives a resigned shrug as in "Oh, why the hell not?" and sinks to the floor as Greta approaches, result in her smothering him(/the camera) in kisses before the screen goes to black.
  • An announcement in the building:
    "Tonight, on the Clamp Cable Classic Movie Channel, don't miss Casablanca, now in full color with a happier ending."
  • Christopher Lee in magnificent Adam Westing mode as The Comically Serious Mad Scientist Dr. Catheter.
    Catheter: (trying to bargain with a Gremlin) I can get you diseases... you'd like that, wouldn't you?
    • "We can't let them get away! All they have to do is eat three or four children and they'll be the most appalling publicity!" (This line might be a sort of Mythology Gag since, in an earlier version of the first movie's script, the gremlins did indeed eat people.)
  • Following the heartwarming scene of Billy and Gizmo's reunion, Billy goes to inform Kate of the situation. She's...less happy about it than he is:
    Billy: So, Kate (clears throat) Gizmo is here, and...