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Grandpa Fred is Palpatine
And he was the one who was really behind the electrocution of the Gremlins at the end. Also, Dr Catheter survived and hitched a ride from the aliens who created the Mogwai (in the book) to a galaxy far, far away, gaining the power to project electricity from his fingers.
  • Alternatively, Grandpa Fred is one of Palpatine's clone bodies that became his own person. Horrified of the monster his "father" was, he chose to become good. He interviewed the Gremlins only to get close enough to destroy them.

Parts of the story were ghostwritten by David Icke.
The Brain bears a suspicious resemblance to former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Icke believes most of the world's leaders are reptilian creatures from outer space (in the book, the Mogwai were created by an alien scientist). Coincidence?

The majority of the Gremlins are actually immune to bright light after the Brain Gremlin found the Genetic Sunblock
There's a sequence where the Brain Gremlin does an interview with Grandpa Fred, where the studio is fairly brightly lit, but he doesn't even show discomfort, and nor does the gremlin he shot or the camera Gremlins, plus the ones sent to stop the film were happily cavorting right in front of the projector bulb. Now, a lot of comments have been done about why didn't he use it when he found it, but... Who is to say he didn't?

The Gremlins are genetic experiments from the Lilo & Stitch universe
We know they're the result of alien experiments and that they're extremely susceptible to genetic manipulation and transmogrification. And Stitch certainly seems to have many of the same personality traits exhibited by the Gremlins, often sliding from one extreme to the other.