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Nightmare Fuel / Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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  • Mohawk is no better than Stripe. He's much more wicked and fiendish, and his looks are even more reptilian, threatening and menacing than those of the other gremlins. Gee, even as a Mogwai he looks insanely creepy!!! The way he tortures Gizmo and laughs sinisterly about it is just plain frightening. And there's also his Giant Spider mutant form... Imagine how arachnophobes must have felt at that scene. Made all the more fitting that the song playing during said transformation sequence is Slayer's "Angel of Death."
    • Funny you mention he's no better then Stripe. According to Word of God, Mohawk IS Stripe. Reincarnated into a new body.
      Mohawk: (even harsher than Stripe was in 1) GIZMO CA-CA!
  • Take the already dangerous and ubiquitous power of electricity and give it (semi-)intelligence and self-control. Oh yeah, and make it evil. Probably one of the most terrifying gremlins, when you think about it.
    • Watch the scene with the lightning gremlin and the fire hose. Then try to take a shower without scrubbing your back furiously.
  • There's also the winged one that has immunity to sunlight, making it a Bat Out of Hell and it could probably respawn other gremlins with solar immunity, thankfully it was turned to stone.
  • The Game Over screen for the Amiga version of the game, set at night with a somber version of Gizmo's Theme playing over it. There is also something unnerving about the giant gremlin statue in place of the Statue of Liberty holding a giant stick of dynamite that looks like it could explode at any moment, though it never does. Not to mention, with it being set at night, there's the implication that the gremlins are wreaking havoc in the streets or have already killed all the people. See it here.