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Tear Jerker / Gremlins 2: The New Batch

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  • Poor Gizmo grieving the death of Mr. Wing by singing a Dark Reprise of the little melody he usually hums. Anytime Gizmo is sad in both films qualifies, but this moment is particularly tearjerky. Mr. Wing's death is followed by his shop getting demolished and Gizmo barely escaping, only to find himself alone in the streets of New York before he's promptly captured by one of the scientist twins. The whole thing is made even worse when you remember that Gizmo called Mr. Wing "b├ába" - Chinese for "father" - in the first movie. The little guy didn't just lose his master, he lost his dad.
  • The sight of Gizmo huddled up in a cage as multiple mad scientists decide what to do with him. Good thing Billy finds him and rescues him in time.
  • There's also all the abuse Gizmo gets at the hands of Mohawk, but thankfully, it all ultimately causes him to Take a Level in Badass.
  • A moment of Alas, Poor Villain, but there's something quite sad about the Brain Gremlin, his intelligence fading and his voice returning to his pre-mutation one, still struggling to sing the final bars of "New York, New York" before dying, even if it was played for Black Comedy.