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  • When facing off with Chuckles, the Silly Piggy, Faffy... flies into his mouth.
    Chuckles: Pathetic dragon! I shall defeat you with ease, and- (Faffy flies in his mouth) Wow. That was even more ease than I thought it'd be... with.
  • "Something, Something, Something, Something. I Love Neddy Show."
  • "Goodnight, and drive safely."
  • Dave's walk minstrel.
    • Dave's enchanted toothbrush.
  • In "Beef", Candy goes to a gym to buff up, only to find that just about everything in there is essentially a deathtrap: a weight-lifting bench where the rock is big enough to crush her, a wild boar trying to tear her legs off during leg extensions, and a cage where you have to survive being killed by abominable snowmen. Wisely, she decides not to bother and hits up Oswidge instead.
    Fang: Candy's decided to go for the magic muscles. Some nonsense about not wanting to die.
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  • This exchange:
    Lula: Argy! It's me!
    Argon: Uhhh...
    Lula: I know it's been a long time, but true loves never forget.
    Argon: Of course not! You were that one... sword!
  • Laying waste.
  • One episode has Dave construct a homemade megaphone "Using only some string, a squirrel, and a megaphone". The episode ends with a mock behind the scenes segment where Dave says to the audience:
    Dave: I'm sure many of you are wondering why I tied a squirrel to a megaphone.
  • Everything involving Twinkle the Marvel Horse.
  • Two words: "VALIM VALEEEEEEE!"
  • In the Villain Team-Up episode, the heroes manage to turn them against each other by dressing up as them and insulting the real deals. Props go to Oswidge pretending to be Malsquando.
    Oswidge as Malsquando: Don't speak to me, you cute little ham roll!
    Chuckles: Cute? YOU WILL PAY!!!
    • Also...
    Candy as Quozmir: Um, you smell.
    Malsquando: Good or bad?
    Candy as Quozmir: Bad.
    Malsquando: I shall destroy you!
  • Dave's utter confusion and frustration over essentially just passing around a piece of paper from one person to the next in order to settle a chain of debts. Oswidge then explains everything in song. While everyone stands around wearing some of the most hilarious WTF expressions in the history of animation, for bonus points.
    Steve the Egg, Steve the Egg
    How'd he wear pants without no legs?
    Steve the Egg, Steve the Egg
    He woke up next to sausages!
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  • The Non Sequitur Cold Open that is Pickle Land.
    Narrator: It is a beautiful day in Pickle Land, the flowers singing their dinky waffle song and...HOLD IT! Oh, who wrote this??
    (cut to Faffy with a typewriter)
  • "Ned Frischman, Man of Tomorrow":
    • Ned's zipper gets the power to let him travel through time after it's hit with every super-power origin cliche in the book: struck by a comet, zapped by an experimental laser, doused with mysterious chemicals, struck by the power of the Norse gods, bitten by a radioactive grasshopper, and "taught the arcane ability of how to cloud men's minds by an inscrutable monk".
      Ned: Wow, that hardly ever happens!
    • After Ned travels through time, it cuts to Udrogoth, where Dave and his family are literally just standing around, waiting for their story to begin.
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    • The Tyrannosaurus rex summoned by Ned destroying all of his monuments... and doing a hole-in-one at his mini-golf course.
  • "Here's a fork, so you can EAT YOUR WORDS!!!"
  • Chuckles' Oh, Crap! moment in "A Pig's Story":
    Chuckles: Aha! Then you might NOT be the hero of this story! I still have a chance to destroy you!
    Space Narrator: Welcome to the heroic exploits of DAAVE THE SPACE BARBARIAN!
    Chuckles: Err. Slight chance?
    Space Narrator: Today's episode: Chuckles gets beat like a cheap drum.
    Chuckles: I'm doomed.
  • The ending to the first episode:
    Narrator: And so our heroes defeat the muffin in an exciting battle, which we can't show you because it would be much too expensive for a cheap show like this. Thereafter, the monster's muffin top provides bouncy fun for all the children. Except little Billy Menken, who isn't allowed on it because he's been bad.
  • Strom the Slayer walks in on Dave reading a book, which has previously been set on fire by Faffy and now has smoke coming off of it.
    Strom: Um, your book is smoking.
  • "Thank you, flying potato."
  • During a competition, Irmaplotz messes with Dave's head with the tactic of... Whispering something to a friend while they both look at Dave, proceeded by giggling. Dave being a wimpy seventeen-year-old, it works, and he's instantly reduced to, as the narrator puts it, an "insecure pile of teenage hormones".


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