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The atmosphere of the series can possibly rival that of Mega Man Zero's, but Azure Striker Gunvolt can have some pretty amusing scenes.

Azure Striker Gunvolt

  • Viper's "vendetta" against GV. Or, in other terms, the Stalker with a Crush meets the Big Brother Instinct. Viper's tirade and GV's reaction to it is a sight to behold.
  • Carrera's Ye Olde Butchered English, and GV's flat reply:
    "...I'm sorry, what? Did you just break out a 'Thou'?"
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  • Most of the full dialogue in Zonda's stage. After appearing Zonda spends the rest of the level toying with GV, being a Large Ham, and spouting innuendos, eventually culminating in:
    Zonda: Hehehe... Just a bit further. I'm waiting for you, boy. In my... Beautiful love nest!
    GV: .....
    Moniqa: I'm sure you have no desire to go but... Continue pursuit, GV.

Joule Chats note 

  • There was a hint of Joule as a Clingy Jealous Girl long before meeting Quinn. Namely, she thought some of GV's equipment were a gift from "someone important". And GV has no clue why Joule was relieved when he told her otherwise.
  • GV doesn't have much faith when it comes to Joule and cooking...
    • Joule thinks that in cooking cup yakisoba that she has to drain the soup.
    • Asking GV what food he likes so Joule can make it for him when she finally learns how to cook. Which means that, yep, GV is the house cook.
    GV: Thank you. I don't have much hope, but I'll be waiting.
    Joule: Can't you at least have some hope...
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  • Joule is practicing for a school play, and she's playing a Cat Girl of all things. The first thing GV says is that he "saw something he shouldn't have..."
  • In one chat, GV thinks about how Zeno likes the part of Lumen that's "grown up and bouncy". And then Joule says that GV is staring at her and thinks that he's thinking something vulgar.
  • Also how in some chats she always gets embarrassed whenever (she thinks) GV is aware about her feelings for him.
    • And Lumen takes time to explain why she's a Shipper on Deck. Much to Joule's chagrin.
  • After a poignant exchange about GV telling Joule to let a bird go free, he takes the time to lampshade Joule's naming sense. (That Joule would name the bird in such a short time, and call it Shimeji note  of all things.)
  • No matter how much he cares for Joule, GV shows that he just might be Oblivious to Love. It is when he finds Joule's diary, and he simply couldn't comprehend why all the entries are seemingly about him.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


  • Fighting the Giant Space Flea from Nowhere Bonus Boss: Shovel Knight. Awesome and funny at the same time.
  • Pretty much most of Teseo's words (what with them being internet slangs), with Ghauri not far behind (you'd be surprised what kind of rhymes he'll work everything into). Equally funny is how Copen - normally the no-nonsense guy - gets irritated at them.
  • Some Fridge Funny here where the Team Chats in both scenarios has a small but growing Love Dodecahedron: GV has Ship Tease with both Joule and Quinn (and although he insists that he and Joule are Like Brother and Sister, she certainly does not think so), gets Mistaken for Gay with Xiao a couple of times, and was crushed on by Gibril post-resurrection. The complications show up when it's revealed Joule and Mytyl are one and the same person (kind of), meaning that Copen has a whole other reason to hate GV if and when he finds out. Ah, teenagers...
  • You know how in the first Gunvolt, how they pulled Woosleyism and Gosh Dang It to Heck! on some of the words like "jitt" and "shockwad"? While the second game mostly averts this, the biggest subverter in the game is Ghauri. Even though the english dialogue is changed, you can still hear some of his original Engrish in it. The only thing is that said engrish is saying things like "Screw You!" and "Up yours!". Especially prominent in his boss battle!

Team Copen

  • On the Highway, when Copen is riding the motorcycle with Nori, he urges her to drive faster, which results in her telling him that the Gs would melt his face off. Copen then urges Nori to adhere to the speed limit.
  • One dialog with Mytyl has Copen being amazed at how Nori made a rabbit out of an apple using her "amazing knife skillz".
    "Holy crap, it *is* a rabbit!"
  • When Copen is climbing the exterior of Sumeragi's orbital elevator from the first game, Lola tries to get Copen to tell her about his experience. Nori then says that Copen doesn't have many fond memories of his last visit, because when he last was there an adept knocked him out and stole his gear. Cue Copen's annoyed sigh.
  • Copen's whole reaction to Ghauri's rhymes. All of it.
    "Wow... Just, wow. I'm so done with this."
    • His reaction to the whole thing at the end of the stage?
    "These adepts just keep getting weirder."
  • In one of the chats, Copen sees Nori applying some make-up on Mytyl. Nori then asks Copen if he wants to get some make-up as well, commenting how he would be "the prettiest princess in the world", all while keeping her usual stoic attitude.
  • Nori applying Percussive Maintenance to a machine. Lola's reactions are just golden, but it is overshadowed by the true hilarity of the scene: Copen asking how old Nori must be to know such a method. He gets genuinely afraid of Nori for asking that.
  • When Copen believes that Mytyl wants to get a dog, Nori suggests getting a "therapy dog" in order to help with Mytyl's recovery. She also nonchalantly suggests training Copen to be that dog.
  • Mytyl firmly believes that Copen needs to get a love life. She adds that whoever that special someone should be, Copen has to introduce her to Mytyl first so the latter could judge her if she's good enough for him. The last note is especially funny in light of the ending, namely where Mytyl's mental half actually is, and should Copen put two and two together...
  • When fighting Gibril in the Sewers, Copen just wouldn't stop pressing her Berserk Button. This would imply that he might have an inner Troll underneath all that façade, especially when Copen remains calm throughout it all.
    Gibril: I. Will. End. You.
  • Mook chatter in the first Eden level initiates the order to attack Lola because she holds the Muse Shards needed for the Big Bad's scheme. Copen declares that they'll die by his hand before they could even get their hands on her. Lola was touched...until Copen reveals that he only meant it because the Shards are for Mytyl. He immediately tries to get back on her good side by saying that it's only because Mytyl is more important to him, and Lola "slightly less so".
  • In one of the chats, Mytyl likes her tapioca too much.
    "Can't talk. Eating tapioca. Fiiingersss stickyyyy"
    • Made more funny by the fact that she's implied to type all that on her tablet. With those same sticky fingers.
    • Copen asks Nori about her planning the food she wanted for the next weeknote . Nori corrects him that she planned them for the next year. And considering the next week is chocolate, he says to himself that he wishes one day she doesn't need all that.
  • In another chat, Mytyl is scared at a bug that appears in the room. Nori comes in when she hears Copen pounding the wall to hit the bug. When Copen explains what happened, Nori decides to go to the facility manager and make him twice as scared. Copen has to tell her to tone it down as they're still their employees.
    Lola: You two are starting to scare me.
  • One chat has Mytyl going to make Lola pretty with ribbons, nail polish and stuff. Copen points out that it'll all wear off later, but Lola cuts him and says that style is important no matter what you're doing. Never mind that Lola is an Attack Drone with a Digital Avatar.
  • This game shows that bubble wraps never fail to get someone addicted even in this day and age. Just ask Mytyl who got it from Nori.
  • Copen comes to Mytyl with Lola getting "injured". Mytyl decides to "patch" her up with... one of the old stickers Copen gave her long ago.
    (Copen to himself) I'm not going into battle with a stickered sidekick.
  • More of a Fridge Funny: Mytyl keeps dreaming of "an angel" that saves her from "a tiny box". Copen thinks that angel must be their mother's influence. Considering where her mental half is and what happened to her in the first game, you know who that "angel" actually was.
  • Nori gets to patch a booster on Mytyl's wheelchair, as the latter wants to have the feel of riding a roller coaster. Copen understandably is concerned, but Nori, with her usual seriousness, convinces him that it'll be safe.
    (Copen to himself) I have serious doubts about that.

Team Gunvolt

  • Joule's Clingy Jealous Girl tirade against GV, saying that "rescuing cute girls is his thing now." First it was with Quinn, then with Xiao, and now, more recently, Mytyl. GV's the only one who notices what's wrong with her list:
    ...Xiao's a guy...
    • In one chat, the group is eating dinner, GV wipes a cake crumb off of Xiao's cheek with a napkin. Joule gets jealous of Xiao again.
  • The end text sometimes say "Joule feels nervous" (if he sided with Quinn somehow or make Joule upset in other ways) instead of the usual "You feel a little closer to Joule."
  • Quinn's idea of making cup noodles is to drain the water out of the soup, not unlike Joule when she was making the stuff, and the latter even brings it up. She still doesn't understand how it works.
  • Quinn apparently patches up a hole on GV's coat... with a teddy bear-shaped patch. She claims that his enemies will fall in line when they see it. GV thinks they'll die laughing instead.
    Sure hope I have a spare outfit somewhere...
  • Quinn at one point suggests going to the same school as her. Then GV points out that it's an all-girls school she's attending.
    Quinn: Yeah, but they'd be fine with you!
    Joule: She's probably right.
    GV: The hell is that supposed to mean?!
    You feel a little closer to Joule.
  • Quinn cooked GV a lot of food. She thinks that she needs to feed Joule too that way. Joule points out that she's incorporeal and all that food does would be making GV fat.
    Quinn: But he'd be cute all pudgy and round! Like a little egg!
    Joule: You think? Because I'm into muscles, and... I mean, it doesn't matter what he looks like!
    GV: Uh... guys? This is a weird conversation. (They could at least pretend I wasn't standing right there...)
  • In general GV gets a lot of "I'm right here" moments from the two.
  • GV and Quinn talk about their smells and how the two shared a shampoo. When Quinn leans towards GV so he can smell her hair, Joule gets angry and shouts at the two to never share beauty products again because she said so.
  • GV prevented Quinn from getting stumbled down because of a blackout. When GV asked what's wrong after that, Quinn tells him that her heart races a bit. Joule points out that the two should stop hugging anytime now.
    GV: (Was she really all that scared [of the dark]?)
  • Xiao proudly proclaims that it's his mission to turn the rest of the team into Otakus like him. And it's working.
  • With his Lumen knockoffs, Teseo pretends to flirt with GV through them. Joule is so angry, she wants to kill him, then revive him, and then kill him again. And according to GV's inner thoughts, Joule might actually mean it.
  • When fighting Gibril during their rematch, she reveals to Gunvolt she's fallen in love with him. Just about everyone's reaction sells it, especially when GV asks the obvious question:
    Gunvolt: If we have something, why are you trying to kill me?
    Gibril: Because it's young love, duh! It never makes sense.
    • Gibril acting all Tsundere in general, especially when, going by her chat window, she's still in a perpetual grimace.

Mighty Gunvolt Burst

  • On Gunvolt's side, upon encountering the real Beck, Beck demands that GV hands over his GM powers to leave from the VR program. Joule, unaware what the actual Beck was referring to (GM standing for Game Master in the virtual training program they're trapped in), loses it from assuming Beck was mispronouncing GV's name on purpose.
    Gunvolt: "My name's not 'GM'..."
    Joule: "It's G-V! GV! GUNVOLT! NOT 'GUNMOLT'!"
  • Joule's damage sprite has her making a teary-eyed O ᗜ O face. She also has different and randomized singing poses whenever she attacks.
  • Copen's story is that he spotted his sister playing this very game, took offense at an Adept as a main character and decided to go make a more appropriate game, starring himself.
  • Kurona's storyline is her finding an untouched game and system and feels as a Demon, she should beat it before its owner.
  • Teseo has the absurdly hilarious habit of spouting memes and talking about his viewers, subscribers, streams, videos and the like, even using internet slangs and emojis in his speak or barraging the screen with Nico Nico Douga-like scrolling comments.

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