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Tear Jerker / Azure Striker Gunvolt Series

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    Azure Striker Gunvolt
  • Asimov shooting Gunvolt and then Joule. She at least reincarnates with her powers and then merges with GV to save him, but he's still grieving over the whole thing, and the fact that Joule doesn't physically exist anymore. And that's the true ending - in the bad one both of them simply die.
  • Elise. First of all she was regularly bullied at school causing her to play video games as a form of escapism. Then she was captured by Merak and was forced to have two seperate personalities implanted in her, one of them being insane with the third one taking absolute control over her and forced her to turn the entire staff of the facility into zombies. Then she loses her memories and is seemingly saved by Gunvolt... until she remembers everything and her dominant personality forces her to attack and fight Gunvolt which leads to him killing her only for her dominant personality to release the insane one in an attempt to survive. If that Trauma Conga Line didn't convince you, what she says when she encounters Gunvolt again is not apologizing for her attacking or trying to kill him (she did that in their first encounter) but:
    • To be fair, Elise already had DID before she was captured and experimented on. In the Lazy Kingdom Sound Drama CD we find out that the crazed personality was already a part of her, and came out while she was playing MMORPGs, abusing her powers to be a ruthless player killer. When she was experimented on, that personality came out and butchered the staff, which forced them to create a third personality, the dominant one, which would hopefully be loyal and cooperative. And all of that happened because Merak dumped Elise at a black site instead of handing her over to Nova. Those experiments? They weren't approved. If Merak hadn't been too lazy to file a report, Nova would have found out about Elise's existence and given her the same life of luxury all the other Sumeragi officers (sans Stratos) enjoy. Her life really is awful Note .

    Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 
  • The baddies' machinations have Joule and Mytyl merge into... a new being that's not exactly either of them. Both GV and Copen lost someone dearest at that moment, but while GV at least have Quinn and Xiao, Copen now has to live with the fact that his sister is (or becomes) an Adept - the "abominations" that he has sworn to hunt and kill.
  • The Joule Chats. Most of them now deal more with the factor of Quinn taking up the place in Gunvolt's life where Joule once was in. Even though Gunvolt still cares deeply about Joule, Joule worries that she may be getting replaced by Quinn, even up to the point where Quinn is better at certain things that Joule wasn't exactly good at. It even gets up to the point where most of the moments end up with "Joule feels nervous" as opposed to "You feel a little closer to Joule". Perhaps a bit of WMG, but perhaps the reasoning why Joule still has a higher chance of doing "Anthem" if you die is probably her trying to prove she's still useful even if she can't do much physically anymore.
  • The Mytyl Chats also count. For the most part, what we know of her is that she's an extremely frail Ill Girl who has only gotten worse the longer she's lived. Even though the shards of Joule's power seem to help her feel better, we see in most of the scenes that she's gloomy or crying over seeing scenes of a life she'll never live or have, wanting to rush growing up because she feels she'll never reach adulthood, and feeling like she's holding Copen back and wants him to be happy even if she can't. Copen even notes that Mytyl brings up the latter bits countless times. Like with how "Joule feels nervous", the lines of "You feel a little closer to Mytyl" is sad in the sense that you're spending time with someone who may not have much time left.
  • The Eden soldiers desperately trying and failing to stop Gunvolt and Copen. They're throwing themselves by the dozens against the protagonists in a final effort to stop them from reaching Zonda, and it gets to the point that even Copen wonders why the hell they're doing this if they can't win. Simple: they know they don't stand a chance, it's just that they can do nothing but hope they can weaken them enough that Zonda and what's left of the Grimoire Seven can take them down. What's worse is that GV practically begs them to get out of the way and not throw their lives away and seems close to breaking down; while Copen just coldly brushes it off in disbelief that these Adepts would throw away their lives for nothing.

Alternative Title(s): Azure Striker Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


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