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Azure Striker Gunvolt

  • The opening scene: a Wounded Gazelle Gambit that allows Gunvolt to heal from the electric lash of a clueless torturer, while the latter blurts out everything he needs to know about the mission at hand.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

  • The two-part prologue: Gunvolt storms the Seraph to save it, while Copen takes to the skyscrapers in order to find a way inside. It ends with GV (amplified by Joule's power) flying to the outside of the ship and forcing it out of the way and saving everyone in Sumeragi HQ (and perhaps a hundred more).
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  • Gunvolt's Final Boss. When True Zonda enters her third phase, she activates Paradise Lost, which makes her invincible and continuously fires waves that damage Gunvolt. Just when all hope seems lost, Gunvolt remembers Joule's last words, that he can defeat Zonda without her. He musters up the strength to believe in Joule, and recalls her song to stop Zonda's assault. This is accomplished by making the player sing "Reincarnation"!

Mighty Gunvolt Burst:

  • The DLC consists of a campaign for Ekoro, reprising her appearance in Gal Gunvolt... and for the heroines of Mighty No. 9 and Azure Striker Gunvolt.
    • With Call, The Mighty No. 9 fandom paid for her to get her own stage (rather than a full campaign), for her stage to be lodged in the middle of Beck's story, and Call to be given a heavy Nerf through being a Stealth-Based Mission. In Burst, she is fully playable, and even has some buffs to make her equal to Beck, Gunvolt, and Ekoro.
    • With Joule, she is a Glass Cannon Mighty Glacier. When Anthem is active, she can use any of her alternate weapons, which have some ridiculously overpowered basic builds... but she is otherwise one of the weakest characters in the game, perfectly reflecting that she was never built for combat in the first place.
  • For Christmas 2017, a DLC expansion pack adds Copen, Gunvolt's rival, Kurona from the new Gal Gun game... and Raychel, meaning that the fans who already were thanking them for Call earlier in the year now have all three playable characters in a far superior version of their original game.
    • With Raychel, the first information computer drops a very useful tip - "XEL DECAY can be turned off in the customization menu option" (though at a cost of 400 CP)... Literally, you can spend some CP to turn off Raychel's Glass Cannon problem outright!
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    • And one could easily leave it on and play her as a claw using berserker, racking up easy bursts and sustaining her health. And with the right settings she can tear through any boss she can reach with her claw attacks in short time (all while keeping her health up).
  • An awesome thing happened over the licensing for Mighty Gunvolt Burst, since Comcept signed over the rights royalty-free to Mighty No. 9, at least for Burst, which allowed them to make the vastly improved versions of Beck, Call, and Raychel that have managed to Win Back the Crowd.

Alternative Title(s): Azure Striker Gunvolt, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2


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