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Fridge Brilliance

  • Desna, when Copen first encounters her, is given a warning that goes like this: "Your life will be forfeit unless you turn back. Your path will lead you to abject misery. And you will take with you all you hold dear." And she's a known fortune teller. This proves true when by bringing all the muse shards to Zonda who had Mytyl, he (indirectly) facilitated her amnesia and transformation into an adept.
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  • See the abundance of the draconic/serpentine theme of Gunvolt's guns? Come the second game, he's called "Azure Dragon".
  • Gunvolt gets a new "Clip" system in the second game that has the Theme Naming of archangels. This starts to makes sense once you think back - he was called "an angel" by Joule before, and he gets that again in this game a few more times.
  • Gunvolt being "an angel" makes it more hilariously symbolic when Copen, in the end, after realizing that the path he took is wrong but is unable to turn back, calls himself "a demon".
    • In keeping with the above, Gunvolt can also craft the Lucifer Clip, which brings his gameplay more in line with Copen's (high damage shots with reduced emphasis on powers). The item is somewhat fittingly named after the archetypical Fallen Angel.
  • Joule's appearance in Burst has her, without Anthem, be one of the weakest characters in the entire game, but also one of the most powerful whenever she does use it. Even in her home series, she's got no power except when she's singing.

Fridge Logic

  • In 2, why does Copen have to go through the trouble of destroying Adepts with Frickin' Laser Beams if he can just get it over with with Greed Snatcher?
  • The second game shows that he gets a different gun, Border MK II. It's possible that his older gun gets broken, especially as Asimov used it in the fight with Gunvolt.
    • And yet in Gunvolt's version of 2's final boss fight, when Copen is resurrected with the Song of Diva, he still breaks out the Greed Snatcher. Which somewhat begs the questions of "why didn't he use it against earlier adepts" and "how did he get it back in the final battle" depending on whether he brought it out because he had it all along or it came back due to Song of Diva.
      • According to one of the side stories, he felt that the Greed Snatcher rounds had lead to him becoming complacent. He was almost killed by Asimov due to his overreliance on them, and decided to avoid making the same mistake when designing his new gear.

Fridge Horror

  • If Copen hadn't gone adept hunting, or had listened to Desna's prophecy on the Babel level, then he would have been able to prevent Mytyl from being captured by Eden, leaving Gunvolt and Joule free to take down Eden and Zonda. This in turn prevents Mytyl and Joule from merging, taking Joule from Gunvolt, and turning Mytyl into an amnesiac, and an adept, forcing Copen to leave.
  • Imagine if Asimov had succeeded with his plans? What would have happened to Moniqa...?
  • Zonda presented herself as a pair of highly sexualized, innuendos-spouting figures despite apparently being a child. Such sexualized behavior from children can be a symptom of sexual abuse, and most of the Eden members we see have pretty dark backstories. Zonda's may be extremely dark.

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