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Why the long face?
Oh, so many....
  • Ash's trope-naming This Is My Boomstick scene.
  • The little Ashes messing around with big Ash. Topped off with Bruce Campbell singing "London Bridge is Falling Down" while stomping after one of them... until the one he's about to crunch uses a nail as a spear.
    *Ash hilariously gasps in pain*
    Mini-Ashes: "My fair lady— HA!"
  • Shelia bitch-slapping Ash after trying (unsuccessfully) to make nice with him.
  • "Little goody two-shoes, little goody two-shoes..."
  • The flying Necronomicon attacking Ash.
    • The pivotal scene where Ash attempts to say the magic incantation in the graveyard... and completely flubs it.
      Ash: (dramatically raising arms to the sky) Klaatu! Barada! Nn-
      (He freezes, looking utterly perplexed, and facepalms.)
      Ash: (pacing) Necktie, necturn, nickle... noodle. It's an "n" word. It's definitely an "n" word.
      (Face lights up in realization. He spins around dramatically.)
      Ash: It was definitely an "n" word!
      (Glances around to see if anyone's watching.)
      Ash: (dramatically as before) Klaatu! Barada! Nn-*coughcough*
      (Nothing happens.)
      Ash: (loudly) Okay then. That's it.
      (He picks up the Necronomicon. Lightning strikes and the ground begins to rumble angrily.)
      Ash: Hey! Wait a minute! Everything's cool! I said the words! I did!
      • Even funnier when you consider that the adviser was telling him to repeat the phrase three times before setting off to recover the book to make sure he remembered it. Ash refused after the second set.
  • The skeleton army beating up Ash in the graveyard a la The Three Stooges.
    • The skeleton army's approach... with bony flutes, skull drums that sounds like regular drums, and bagpipes.
    • The skeleton army full stop, their hilarious Skeletor-like voices especially.
    • Skeleton: (with a high-pitched voice and British accent) Let's get the hell out of here!
  • While laughing at their initial success against the Deadites, Ash gives Arthur a hearty clap on the back, which causes him to immediately stop laughing and give Ash the stink eye.
  • Ash's exchange with Evil Sheila:
    Evil Sheila: (after trying to stab Ash with a spear) You found me beautiful once.
    Ash: Honey, you got real ugly.
  • Then there's Ash thinking he's killed his evil twin, only for it to come back as a full skeleton.
  • Every time Ash uses his powers of Instant Seduction. "Gimme some sugar, baby!"
  • The "sword-boy" gag. All the funnier for coming from Lord Arthur.
  • In the S-Mart ending:
    Deadite: I'll swallow your soul!
    Ash: Come get some.
  • "SALLY FARGH! SALLY FARGH! Grr, Sally Forth..."
  • Evil Ash checks his hair in a looking glass, is clearly disgusted by his appearance but fixes it anyway.
  • When the skeletons are digging each other up, one is broken out of a coffin and starts coughing, despite not having any lungs.
  • The two decoy Necronomicons. One distorts Ash's face, but he fixes it by shaking his head around. The other turns into a bat and torments him for a while.
    • Ash even gives the real book a "You almost had me" smirk right before getting his hand bitten by one of the decoys.
  • Ash to Henry the Red: "Well, hello, Mr. Fancypants! You're not leading but two things right now: Jack and shit! And Jack left town."
  • Bad Ash getting buried. He tries threatening Ash, but Ash just says "What's that on your face?" and shovels dirt into his face, shutting the bastard up.
    • Then when Bad Ash is reborn, he lets out a loud "Whoo!"
  • Ash's pathetic attempts to avoid being thrown into a pit full of Deadites. He even begs Henry to stick up for him, mere seconds after throwing him under the bus.
    "Woah woah, waitaminute! You gotta understand, man... I-I never even saw these assholes before!!"
    • Also the enormous fountain of blood that comes spewing up from the first poor guy tossed in the pit.
      • Wouldnt be a proper Evil Dead film without it...


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