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Awesome / Army of Darkness

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"Name's Ash. Housewares."
  • "This is my Boomstick!"
  • "Good? Bad?... I'm the guy with the gun."
    • The director's cut version - * boom!* "...I ain't that good."
  • Ash cutting off his own possessed hand in the film prior to that seemed like more of a "Holy Shit!" moment. His subsequent mounting of a chainsaw to the stump can only be described as "Groovy."
  • "I'll swallow your soul!" "...Come get some."
    • In one of the games, the bartender he was commiserating with says this, prompting Ash to borrow his sawed-off double barreled shotgun. "Make mine a double." [BLAM!]
  • The Deadite possessing Ash's love interest decides to taunt Ash by saying "You found me beautiful once." Without missing a beat, Ash comes back with "Honey, you got real ugly."
  • Ash surviving the pit. He climbs out and starts challenging everyone first in a soft voice then in his BOOMSTICK voice.
  • "The name's Ash." chk-chhk "Housewares."
    • Just prior to that: "Lady, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store."
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    • And then: "Hail to the king, baby."
  • After Ash has put the Primitive Screwheads in their place, he's reclining on a couch getting fed goodies by lots of girls, and Sheila tries to get in his good graces.
    Ash: First you want to kill me, then you want to kiss me... blow."
  • The initial defense of the castle with flaming exploding arrows. Ash said it best.
  • The two Ashes fighting with a sword in each hand.
  • Lord Arthur's stand. Despite facing terrible odds and [in the extended cut] believing reinforcements won't be coming, he and his small band of soldiers are willing to fight to the bitter end to keep the Deadites from obtaining the Necronomicon. When he's shot in the back with an arrow and two sentries try to rush to his aid:
    Arthur: "STAY with the book!!"
  • After the Deadites are routed and the day is saved, Lord Arthur and Duke Henry's men silently face each other, seemingly ready to resume their feud from where they left off. Arthur and Henry both break ranks to approach the other... and they embrace as Fire-Forged Friends, to the cheers of both sides.

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