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You son of a—

  • Ash getting beaten up by his own hand.
  • The flying eyeball gag. According to the commentary, a group of teens had to run out of a screening of the film because they were laughing so hard.
  • The Blood Walls scene, if for no other reason than the amount of blood sprayed on him and how long it takes. Sam Rami even reversed the film at some points to make the scene last even longer. Ash's expression once it's over isn't so much horrified as it is confused.
    • Later in the same scene, the mutual WTF look Jake and Ash exchange after they've both piled onto the trapdoor to hold it shut is pretty funny.
  • Believing Ash is still possessed, Annie starts swinging an axe at him, but Ash is apparently able to talk her down and convince her that he's finally himself again. And then she takes yet another swing at him.
    "DAMMIT! I SAID I WAS ALRIGHT! Are you listening to me?! Do you hear what I'm saying?! I'M ALL RIGHT!! ...I'm alright."
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  • "That's right! Who's laughing now? WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!"
  • Henrietta proves that Evil Is Hammy with nearly every line she says:
    "Someone's in my fruit cellar! Someone with a fresh soooouuuuul!"
    • Not to mention Ash's reaction when he first encounters her in the cellar.
  • After Ash decapitates Henreitta's mutated form, she still isn't quite done yet, leading to the following exchange:
    • The "Hey!" is what really does it, like it was just a point that couldn't be overstated. That, and the "WOOOOAGH!" as he explodes her head with his boomstick.
  • If not regarded as Nightmare Fuel, the scene with the entire cabin laughing at Ash, especially when he mimics the movement of a laughing lamp. You could also interpret it as both Ash and the Deadites taking a break from the Mind Screw madness to have a jolly laugh over Ash breaking a chair he tried to sit on.
  • There isn't much mundane humor in this movie, but the smug expression Annie fires back at Jake after he's agreed to carry her bags is both revealing - yeah, we all knew he'd be hauling a huge load in the next scene - and amusing.
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  • The DVD Commentary featuring Bruce, Sam, Greg Nicotero (Special Makeup Effects), and Scott Spiegel (Co-writer). Not only do they provide fun facts about the film (such as an intended rehashed beginning with recasted Scotty, Cheryl, and Shelly) but they also throw jokes around, lampshade damn near everything, and generally have a good time with it.
    Sam Raimi: (while discussing the scene where Ash is flung down the stairs to the cellar) Bruce wouldn't let me throw him down the steps.
    Bruce: "I'm afraid, Sam! For the first time in my life, I'm afraid!"
    Sam: I said, "Bruce, don't be afraid." And he started crying.


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