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Headscratchers / Army of Darkness

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  • Ash chains Bad Ash to a table in the windmill he's squatting in before hacking him to pieces with his chainsaw. The problem with this is that during the scene where Ash arrived at the windmill his horse, which may have been carrying the chainsaw, was scared off into the woods by the evil entity chasing him. Ash was left to run to the windmill on foot, where he was clearly not carrying the chainsaw.
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  • When Ash escapes from The Pit, as spiked walls close on it. Several minutes later, the monster from the pit climbs out, despite the walls still being closed, and Ash shoots it with his shotgun that he didn't have a few seconds earlier, causing it to fall back into the pit and land in the water below. (Though in the Director's Cut, a villager was explicitly shown giving Ash the shotgun back.)
  • Does anyone have an explanation for why the Necronomicon is lying on a plinth in an abandoned graveyard in (I'm guessing) Scotland in 1300 AD? Or how the Wise Man knows it's there if the journey to that graveyard is too dangerous to make? Come to think of it, is it meant to be the Necromonicon from Ash's time, just displaced, or the one native to 1300 AD?
  • During the final battle, when Ash appears in the "Death Mobile", one of the Deadites yells, "That's him! In the car!" How does a medieval skeleton know what a car is?

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