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Tear Jerker / Army of Darkness

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The comic:

  • Army of Darkness Volume 2 #13 (or "King For A Day") is pretty heart wrenching. The issue begins with Ash and Sheila returning to 1300 AD to discover that after Lord Arthur and Henry The Red were killed in battle, Ash was named king of the castle. His first act as king: proposing to Sheila. She agrees and the ceremony is set for the next day. Over the course of the night, Deadite!Lord Arthur and Deadite!Henry The Red come back to attack Ash, seeing him unfit to rule, but they are defeated by Sheila's undead brother, who, despite being a Deadite, doesn't attack his sister. The next morning, The Wise Man tells Ash that if Sheila is to go back to the future with Ash, she would die for loving him. Ash decides that rather than making her suffer for his actions, she is going to stay in 1300 AD and he'll go back alone. Turning Sheila's Deadite brother back into a human again using the Necronomicon, a teary-eyed Ash leaves Sheila as he heads off to find a quiet place to "Rip Van Winkle" his way back to the 21st Century with a magic potion. The issue ends with Ash saying:
    Ash: And as I dozed off, I hoped my rest would be peaceful for once. Not filled with nightmares of the things I've seen and done—but with dreams of the love I left behind.
    • This issue is a big turning point in the series, as the storyline following this issue (Hellbillies & Deadnecks) has Ash going into a bit of a depression following the events of King For A Day.

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