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Fridge Horror

  • The movie becomes a lot less funny when you realize that Sheila is a rape victim by film's end: her transformation into a Deadite is the direct result of Bad Ash raping her, just like Ash's sister in the first Evil Dead.
  • Also, what happened to the other village women who were in the same situation just as Sheila? They were never rescued, and we don't see any of them reappear as Deadites, either.
    • At least one of the women sought refuge in the castle, and is shown being saved by Ash during the final battle. However, the rest probably weren't so lucky: when Bad Ash is forcing himself on Sheila, the camera cuts to a panoramic shot, revealing several naked women chained together, being led about by skeletons...
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    • If you look carefully at the Deadite army, you can see a few soldiers who have long hair, one wearing a head scarf or veil, and a few wearing red and pink garments resembling dresses. And one of the two Deadite scouts is either female, or a very petite man.

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